Your Ultimate guide to Bushwick

Well, actually not exactly ultimate and not exactly a guide. More like a recital of my evening spent there but here it goes.

So, if you’re into good food and happen to live in New York – good for you. If you live elsewhere…well, I don’t know travel a lot or something. As a well-known fact New York has a collection of well diversified restaurants because of all the immigrants that come here and start making their food, because American food sucks. As a result you can easily find a good spot and familiarize yourself with any kitchen from around the globe. That is if you know how to use yelp. Otherwise, you’ll probably be going to that same sushi spot somebody recommended to you years ego, and it’s good, but it’s also pretty much your only place of exploration.

So. Get a Yelp app and visit a restaurant opening. Or just go to the place I went to, which was Moku Moku – a place so good that they named it twice (I actually don’t know how the name originated). This is a Japanese place that serves a version of real Japanese food (I’m assuming this is true because I wouldn’t know otherwise) that doesn’t involve sushi or furthermore rolls (it’s a safe bet to assume that Bagel roll did not originate in the province of Kyoto). So, apparently Japanese people are into skewers because that’s what we ate. Servings were pretty simple, small bite sizes so you got to try different things. They gave us four types of salt and we got to be mad scientists and pair it with different foods. And I got to try two new vegetables: okra and shishito. And I quickly snapped this picture for you.


All in all, I approve.

Then we went walking around which should be done with some caution in Bushwick because at some point of endless wandering we found ourselves surrounded by projects. Which I’m not being racist, but it’s kind of hard not to be racist when you’re surrounded by projects. Found our way back to the fair skinned people, stopped at some place to have drinks. Which were really good, and original and I wanted to share the name with you, but for the life of me I can’t remember it. So, here’s your project – identify a place somewhere in Bushwick, not far from Moku Moku (a place so good they named it twice (I can’t get this phrase out of my head)) not far from projects, with cool drinks.

Then we checked out some painted walls, which Bushwick has plenty of. Not much else, but these are there.


Found our way to Bodega, which is sort of a staple of the neighborhood because they have good wine and also because Google Maps points to them when you type ‘Bushwick Collective’. So, in the very least remember the name in case you find yourself in ‘cool circles’.

And right before we were about to hop into a subway, we stumbled upon a comedy show. Which was completely free, mostly because these were starting off comedians, and mostly because they weren’t exactly funny but the experience was still cool.

So, go and explore this neighborhood, or some other neighborhood. I really don’t care much.

P.S. All the time I was writing this I was debating to changing the title of this post to ‘A place so good, they named it twice’. This phrase will haunt me forever.

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