You know you’re an adult when…

OK, so I’m not completely sure what brought upon these philosophical and useless thoughts I’m about to lay upon you, but get ready. Last night, I actually discovered a great sushi place in my neighborhood. And it was really good and ever more so surprising because you never expect anything good to happen in your neighborhood. The place was Chikurin, do check it out if in the area, and order yellow tail jalapeno, don’t even use your brain processes, just do it.

Anyway, I woke up this morning in a good but sort of melancholic mood. Not likely sushi related, more like a year end self assessment review. How I did this year, what’s my score on life performance, what is life performance score, and who decides on that anyway. Because I would like to meet that entity and have a little chit chat. And then somehow I got into thinking about life in general, and getting older, and the following list of facts was born.

Here it goes. You’re an adult when:

  • When your day goes by and nothing significant happens, and you’re grateful because it could have been worse
  • When an increase in your credit score gives you a thrill of excitement
  • When you go see your doctor purely for preventive measures
  • When planning for Holidays is less about ‘I’m so getting wasted’, and more about ‘how much is that going to cost me’
  • When you set up a curfew by yourself for yourself
  • When you realize police/security/people of authority are meant to be your friends
  • When watching news is something you actually do. On daily basis. While having an opinion about most political candidates
  • When you fold your clothes neatly because goddammit but they do get wrinkled otherwise
  • When you look at your fridge and think it needs a good scrubbing on Saturday
  • When you start brushing your teeth twice a day. Because dental hygiene is important
  • When your medicine cabinet has actual medicine in it
  • When you turn up music in your car, then turn it back down because that was way too laud
  • When you start having pairs of things because it was ‘buy one, get one free’ deal
  • When some of your body parts will hurt purely from sleeping uncomfortably
  • When you start packing your lunch. Next step is when you start packing your lunch with healthy foods. Even further is the step where you also add an apple, or tangerine during flu season because it’s a great source of vitamin C and strengthens your immune system.
  • When you appreciate the fact that you never had enough money to get that tattoo
  • When your credit cards are actually, mostly paid off
  • When you start having thoughts of advice to your younger self

Anyway, there is no reason to fear age because Botox is getting cheaper and organ cloning is practically here.

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