Yoga for the homeless


This post is actually not entirely about yoga for the homeless, but hey it’s a catchy title.


I think I’ve become some type of culinary critic. Or rather not a critic since I don’t criticize, because I’m nice and cool like that, more like a person that goes to random restaurants and then writes about them. Hey, people have different hobbies. I’m not much good at anything else. Except dancing. Somehow, I ended up with a set of moves worthy of a well-paid stripper.  But back to the food.


Last night I was taken to an authentic Korean place, by a person with the ‘inside knowledge’ (or somebody who knew what to order to make us look cool). And you would know it was an authentic Korean place because it was located on the street named Korean way. The place was called Pocha 32 and I did not receive an explanation as to what happened to the other 31 Pochas.


The entrance was hard to notice and we actually bypassed it at first. So when you got, stay on the lookout for a door that’s easy to bypass. The place had simpleton décor and no white people in sight. Our server tried to come up with food suggestions suitable for us white people, but we ordered the right things, and she gave us a look of approval. We had some type of stew with noodles and other hard to identify ingredients, which regardless of the origin were really really tasty in combination (I couldn’t come up with a better description for my experience than typing ‘really’ twice (so you can be assured it was tasty. Really)). As for drinks, we had half of watermelon filled with some type of alcohol. It was called soju. All I know is that it tasted like fruit punch and sent me into space travels, but only in my head. And here’s photographic proof (not of my space travels, that of the food).20150812_191644


Also, you can be assured a place is authentic if there is a sign on the bathroom door that tells you to push it really hard. I wonder how many people must have been defeated by that door for the sign to originate.


On the downside, the place was located right in the midtown and the streets were swarming with people. Tourists, and workers, and other most random persons. I say random because at some point we bypassed a gathering of individuals that were doing an activity I named ‘yoga for the homeless’. Because it looked like some type of exercise, on yoga mats, right on the street and they all had a homeless look to them. Maybe that’s exactly what it was. In that case I am happy there is some sort of health activity program for the homeless. I support the cause.


Also, try not to suffocate in the subway station while waiting for your train to arrive. Because at the 34th street stating it felt like they had some air-sucking machine at work. Maybe it was some type of social experiment to test the human limits of survival. That would explain it.


P.S. I am debating on creating a whole separate section dedicated to restaurant-going, but I can run out of money, so I won’t.

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