Wrapping up the year of 2016

OK guys, so I guess a quick end-of-the-year thoughts and wishes type of thing.

Firstly, I wanted to share with you my latest creation. Meaning an art piece that I made, if you will. This was inspired by a biohazard bag with my underwear in it (clean one (don’t be a dick)). I was sent home with this treasure after my recent surgery. And I guess, they put them into a biohazard bag for the lack of a better container. But I kept this thing, and immediately thought I’m going to use it as a center piece for my next painting, as a reminder of my experience. Because this is totally normal, right? I also thought it would be hilarious. Even if you don’t share my sense of humor, you can totally share your opinion.


As you can see, my hospital band and ultrasound print outs got a makeover here too. The rest of it is the background that makes sense to me. You can have your own perception of it. But stay like within the boundaries of logic, because I’m not THAT weird. Also, this piece goes great with my curtains. Call it a coincidence, or divine inspiration, I’m cool with either.

It is continuously very hectic at work, with my new promotion and all. And I am in full swings between ‘I got this shit, this is going to be great’ and ‘corporate world is the doom of society, and I just want to take my bra off.’ Ladies will back me up on that last point. For now, I am keeping my hopes strong, eyes on the horizon, and my bra on. I’m thoughtful like that.

This is actually something really sad for me. Yesterday, we had to give up my parent’s cat into a shelter. And this used to be my cat way back when I lived with them. But has since been living with them for many years. He has always had somewhat of an aggressive nature, but it was never towards family, only guests, and outsiders. And recently he started attacking my mom, and it has gotten progressively worse, to the point that it was literally dangerous. At first, I volunteered to take him in, but then I also have a cat, and she’s no cupcake herself. And as entertaining as their battles could have been, I just don’t have the ability to stay home right now, and discipline two aggressive cats. And so into the shelter he went. And I spent most of the evening yesterday bawling my eyes out.

So in summary, this year was a dick. It had it’s moments, grand, and major, and productive, and inspirational ones. But I mostly feel very tired. And I’m looking forward to the year of 2017 with hopes of some calm, and stability, and inner balance. Also I totally need to lose some weight, 2017. Get on it.

Happy Holidays, you guys!


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2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the year of 2016

  1. The juxtaposition of those flowers with the biohazard symbol, which looks like a big spiky flower, is very interesting. You’re treating life as a complex, messy struggle where it’s up to the viewer to find the patterns, to determine whether there’s beauty in the chaos.
    It’s the perfect aesthetic statement to end a year that needs a serious kick in the nuts.
    Christopher recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide 2016.My Profile

    1. You know the insides of my head better than I do.

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