Why support groups are horse shit, and new cars are not

Remember how last week I wrote that I don’t mind going to support groups? Well, I kind of mind going to support groups now. It’s like with a new relationship – it seems bright, and novel in the beginning, but then his socks stink and it starts getting real. Nobody’s sock stank at the support groups mostly because we all wore shoes, but it sure started getting cumbersome. That’s because, you see, I expected to hear something new and groundbreaking. All they had were the same stories about life you see on the news, you hear from your friends, you overhear on the street, hell you live them yourself. Spend some extra 4 hours in traffic for a chance to discuss these with complete strangers and you’re on the pass to recovery. Also, I may or may have not blurted out at some point to a colleague attendee ‘why don’t you just call your mom…’ And that was stupid on my part because from the non-stop verbal abuse that was coming out of her, her mother probably has her on block. Which is a mean thing to say, but only to her face, so that’s why I’m putting it here.

On the bright side I did manage to get a new car. My lease was near it’s rightful end and so I got a new one. For all of those honest car owners, I really don’t see a point. How can you resist a thrill of a new car every three years or so. And I’m not a big luxury spender, but there’s only so much money I can spend on my cat. Please don’t hate on us childless people driving in new cars. We’re crying on the insight. In my case, it’s even doctor approved. So that fast ride, traffic and God approved, is the best prescription sometimes.

I went to a museum on Sunday. It was either that, or church. So. It was the Long Island Museum because that’s where my significant resides. We had low expectations. Having visited every major exhibit on display in NYC, we simply had nothing better to do. Not to sound snobbish, but we kinda are. Surprisingly, they had which could be hands down the largest carriage selection ever. I mean like three floors just stacked with these gorgeous, antique baggies of all sorts and use. It was unexpected. I felt like a child at a fair. And considering it’s remote location, there was literally nobody there. It was a win on all accounts.

To leave you with something to do at home, do watch this movie on Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw. It has all the intrigues of the art world interlined with mysterious murder, some sex scenes of cores, and forever mystery of the unknown spirit. In other world, it made little sense but made for a descent time kill. Just like most other things in life.

And I wish for you to stay hungry for life, and out of support groups.

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