Who is Jenny Lawson?

Let me add some additional justification to the part ‘book’ in the name of this blog (those of you first readers of this blog go here and here to gain a better understanding of what’s happening (and yes, I am tricking you into visiting more of my posts, you totally got me)). Anyhow, another book I will be forcing you to read is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. There will be an unexpected twist to this post but I can’t tell you what it is yet because that’s sort of what makes it unexpected. Here is a neat little picture for you because humans are visual creatures.untitled


I’ll be honest with you, I went through some moments in my life when I thought I was crazy. Until I came across Jenny Lawson’s book. And then I was convinced I’m crazy but also reassured that there are many more of us out there. More importantly crazies with a sense of humor. Somehow you get away with stuff if it makes people laugh. You can talk about teenage drug use, dead animals, psychological disorders, not follow any classified writing structure whatsoever and just get away with it. And that’s what Jenny did and became a New York Times bestselling author. Definitely use this as my yet another solid advise on life, and throw away that romance or thriller you were working on.

What else? It’s a great summer read. Now if this would be fall I’d tell you it’s a great fall read. Because a good book is a good book, and if somehow seasonal changes affect your reading abilities, go get yourself checked.

Currently, there aren’t any additional books by Jenny Lawson out there but there is one due to be released in September. Also, since she is not yet dead and we’re in the 21st century there is plenty of her presence online such as twitter, instagram and her blog. Google it, I’m not making it easy for you. (I just decided to come back, edit this post and give you a link Jenny Lawson’s blog http://thebloggess.com/. Because it’s awesome and I love you too much).  In case you have thought processes in your head, and I most certainly hope so, you might be wandering if I’m getting paid for all this reference.

You’ll be disappointed; I’m much vainer than that. Reality is, I really do like that book and even read it twice, which NEVER happens with me. And today I got a response to my email from Jenny Lawson, see below:Capture


In case you’re having trouble viewing this, I’ll type it here, in caps: ‘YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK AND YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!’ So understandably Jenny now owes my soul. Unless it wasn’t actually Jenny that sent the email and some type of auto response from a bot. Then some computer bot now owes my soul.

P.S. I am almost done with my happy dance routine. Almost.


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