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I started writing this post about last Sunday since probably last Sunday, but never got around to finishing it. It still seems kind of relevant, so I might as well finish it now. I promise to be more disciplined in my blog writing. Maybe.

Sunday was the first sunny day in a while. And people took to the streets. Literary almost everyone I know suddenly decided on the outside activities of different sorts, just to be out in the air, and in the sun. It’s like we’re goddamn flowers, which actually above behavior sort of suggests we are. And I just called you a flower, so go tell your mom.

We were not an exception, and although activity we chose wasn’t exactly outside, it did involve some outside transporting. We decided to pay MoMA PS1 a visit, since it’s been a long while, and they seemed to be featuring some new, cool exhibitions. MoMA PS1 is a branch child, or whatever the official terms are, of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) located in Manhattan. And if you’re a tourist, chances are ‘regular’ MoMA will be on your to do list. Whereas MoMA PS1 located in Queens, not just in Queens, but in the up-and-coming hipster neighborhood of Long Island City. Which has nothing to do with the actual Long Island because they like to be confusing, and fuck with people like that. Point being, you probably haven’t heard of this other MoMA. But now you know, and you’re allowed to feel special. An blessed if that’s your thing.

Another fun fact, the building in which MoMA PS1 is located used to be a high school. Judging by the name, the 1st high school? I haven’t done any research to support this claim, but it’s something I like to imagine. So the space itself is interesting. You get to feel like you’re in an ancient Brooklyn high school. Or as ancient as Brooklyn can be.

And then the main exhibition of Mark Leckey was great. It was weird and bizarre and memorable. Everything a contemporary art exhibitions should be. Here’s a possibly rotating picture. Also, find me on Instagram for more current updates.

And today the weather is nice again, and it’s Friday, and I even saw some smiling people. So we should be ok. Until Monday.

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2 thoughts on “What is MoMA PS1

  1. A quick Google search for the art of Mark Leckey revealed some interesting works, although that one sculpture looks like a ripoff from A Clockwork Orange.
    The one Alex kills the old lady with. I’ll just leave it at that.
    Of course the MoMA is on my must-do list and now I feel like the MoMA PS1 should be too but it annoys me that they couldn’t come up with a more creative name like MoMMA–Museum of More Modern Art or maybe MoMA 2: The Revenge!
    Christopher recently posted…The Eyes Have It.My Profile

    1. They’re un-creative like that? Joke’s on them.

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