We’re women, we bleed, and it’s ok. Probably.

So yesterday was the International Women’s Day. And you want to know how I celebrated this special day? I went to work. I went to work like I normally would, and just sort of worked. Then when I was done with that, I got home and spent an hour on the phone with an insurance broker, just something I promised my parents to help with. And once I was done with that, I changed the light bulbs in the kitchen. Because you can just take my word for it, kitchen without lights becomes less useful, and more dangerous. And then I cleaned the entire apartment. Because I haven’t done so in 3 weeks, and it was getting disgusting even for me. So, you know how I spent the International Women’s Day? Like any typical woman spends her day.

Also, while we’re on this feminine topic, I might as well share with you about the company I came to discover, which I do seem to like so far. This might be a TMI for some people, but I say fuck it. Because we all know that we bleed out of our vjajas once a month, but we don’t always know the best products to use for this ritual. I know I don’t. I just grab whatever is on sale, or sort of catches my eye. But listen to this, I was scrolling through my Facebook the other day, and all of a sudden this ad comes on, and I’m watching it thinking ‘Facebook, you know me so well’. And it’s for this company LOLA, and they offer subscription to have feminine products delivered to your home, on a monthly basis, AND made out of fluffy clouds, and hipster tears. Meaning they’re all cotton, and natural, and what not. Because as their ad says ‘shouldn’t you care about what you put down there?’ and I was like ‘hey, I probably should.’ Another fact that made me happy was that they just deliver it to your mailbox. Because I don’t care how old you are, there’s no bypassing that awkward moment at the cash registry. Anyway, I did not arrange with them to pay me for this paragraph because I’m lazy like that. But if you’re a bleeding woman probably check them out. Also, ask them to send me royalties, would ya?

Completely off topic, I finished another painting recently. And it took me only about an hour. And for weeks I was thinking I will  finish it further, until a few days ago it hit me that it’s probably finished. I still wasn’t sure, so I took to Twitter. And Twitter concurred. I even got asked if it was for sale.

I said it was for sale, but they never followed up. I’m not sure whether to feel flattered, or offended.

Anyway, this entire week is being a dick in general, but I’m too tired to care, so I bet that’s like good news.

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2 thoughts on “We’re women, we bleed, and it’s ok. Probably.

  1. I’m assuming the picture of your painting is turned sideways but I like it like that. It’s like the trees are threatening the sky, advancing upon it. It makes the whole thing even more ominous.
    And now I also want to write a song about feminine hygiene products to the tune of the Kinks song “Lola”. Think the company would pay me for that?
    Except I can’t. I have to work and also all I can think of is the joke, How many Jewish mothers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Oh, don’t worry about it, she’ll just sit here in the dark and will be fine all alone, but it would be nice if maybe you could call sometime and also find a nice boy, preferably a doctor, and settle down, and maybe a visit once in a while would be nice…
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