We’re watching good movies, reading good books, and saying good bye to Pokemons

So, I actually had a pleasantly descent weekend. But I also spent most of it trying not to think about work (see my previous post), thinking about work, getting mad about work, getting happy I’m not at work, and then getting mad again because Monday I’ll have to be back to work. Or that hell hole, as I refer to it now. I’m pretty sure this is a familiar feeling for most of the population, and I feel truly sorry for us. The only suggestion I have is let’s revolt and live in anarchy, or buy a farm and raise chickens. It’s either one of those. We can have a vote. Democracy before we become anarchy. This makes perfect sense. I promise.


The bombings did, of course, happen in Chelsea this Saturday. And I was out of town, so I actually missed all the commotion until the next day. Until my significant other yelled the news to me from another room. And the first thing I said ‘How many dead?’ And thankfully there were none. But then I was surprised, even mad at myself for having this somewhat cool reaction. I’ll tell you, a lot of thoughts actually went through my mind like: ‘this is horrible’, ‘not again’, ‘I can’t believe it’, ‘what are we going to do now’, but then it all came down to ‘how many dead?’ Because we see these horrible events happen around the world, and bombings, and murders, and attacks, and plane crashes, day after day, and all you have left is this selfish feeling ‘not me this time’. I’m not sure if this is a bad or a good thing, but I do think it’s important to continue living. Maybe just doing it in a slightly kinder way. I guess what I’m trying to say is quit being a dick, if you are one. Or I’ll find you. And write a post about you.


On a positive note, I came across this movie Nice Guys, and it was really good. And funny. Like Russell Crowe is really fat in it, so that was sad. My memory of him goes back to the Gladiator movie, and all I kept thinking was ‘you’d make a really shitty gladiator now’. Regardless, this movie is beautifully written, like the script itself, the dialogues, the ending, just brilliant. It’s also an easy watch, with plenty of action. So go ahead and indulge. Just do so legally because Russell Crowe needs money to go on a diet plan.


Continuing this topic, if you’re a Netflix account owner, which is obviously, duh, why am I even asking, you need to watch Louis C.K. series. Like you don’t need need to watch it, but that’s what I’m watching right now. Firstly, Louis C.K. is one of the best, if not THE best, stand up comics. And secondly, I once saw him in real life. True story. So, now I’m forever devoted to him because once you see a celebrity in real life you can’t admit it’s a shitty celebrity. That’s just a Universal rule of seeing a live celebrity. I made it.


Also, I am reading an AMAZING book right now. And it’s not Chronicles of a Boob, I finished that one. And I was worried what I’ll be reading next that can top that, and be funny, and smart, and witty. And I actually came across Christopher Moore’s “The Lamb” based on a suggestion from Pointless Boob. And it’s everything you’d expect from a good book, and then some. This book tells the ‘untold’ story of Jesus Christ through his supposed friend Biff who is obnoxious, ridiculous, and really funny. It’s the most absurd, hilarious, and intellectually mind-blowing book I’ve read thus far. Like seriously, enter at your own risk.


If you’re not into book reading, but do like some reading. Like for instance maybe blog reading. Which to be fair is safe to assume, since you’re here, human. Check out TrillieSucksAtStuff. She’s been one of my first favorite bloggers that I came across. But she’s been gone from blogging for 6 months now, which in my observation happens to a lot of bloggers, actually. So cherish me dammit while I’m still here. Anyway, she’s back! I’m truly happy about that. She’s a lot like my other blogger buddies, she curses, and complains about shit a lot, but also once in while she produces these beautifully researched posts that will blow your mind, like this was my favorite Perception ≠ Reality = Perception.


Nothing new for you in the gaming world. PokemonGo is dying a slow death. I stopped playing, and most other people I know stopped playing also. I honestly don’t know what happened. We just stopped. I was trying to understand why, and it’s most likely because once you’ve caught the initial bunch of Pokemons, they just keep repeating, and it gets annoying, and drains your phone’s battery. So good bye, Pokemons. I was hoping to have you as my life’s obsession, I’m sad it didn’t work out.


And I leave you with that and some kisses (I’ve gone soft, dammit).

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6 thoughts on “We’re watching good movies, reading good books, and saying good bye to Pokemons

  1. Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying Lamb and also … glad you didn’t get bombed. 🙁

      1. What’s it take to become a sublime expnouder of prose like yourself?

  2. Christopher Moore is going on my reading list. The library where I work has Lamb as well as You Suck: A Love Story, although I still have to get to Karen’s book and I want to order it for the library but that may have to wait for a dead tree version. The e-book is not particularly library-friendly.
    I love getting book recommendations even though my to-read stack is towering and almost as lengthy as my to-watch list. Fortunately I’m up to speed on “Louie” and I’m amazed how long Louis CK has been around. I was rewatching “Doctor Katz: Professional Therapist” and Louis was one of the “patients”.
    And Trillie’s return is a spot of good news in a world of bad news. Other good news: PokemonGo is becoming passé. Once everybody else stops playing I’ll start.
    Christopher recently posted…The Finished Product.My Profile

    1. Haha, you’re a Pokemon rebel. Glad our tastes converge so nicely.

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