We talk politics, so don’t panic

Let’s do a weekly wrap up post, and things that happened, and now you’ll know.


I was listening to the radio this morning and the show was super fun, they were flushing the format or pretty much were doing whatever the hell they wanted. So then I thought I should totally flush the format too, but then I remembered that I don’t have a format. Hahaha! (evil-but-not-really laugh).


Anyway, Hilary Clinton became Democratic presidential nominee this week. And that meant nothing to me. Because it was obvious. Also, I try not to talk politics. I monitor politics, but I don’t talk about them. Unless, you’re a Trump supporter in that case I also won’t talk to you, I’ll just strangle you in your sleep. Also, I got into a discussion about politics on twitter, of all places. And I think it was interesting, so I’ll share it here:


[twitter person]          -I am so over the people who honestly think Clinton is only slightly better than Trump. Are you fucking kidding me? #ImWithHer

[me]                                -She’s a lot better than Trump. But then again anyone is #ImAgainstEverone

[twitter person]         -Like I don’t care if people don’t like her, but to be all, ‘Oh, gosh, Clinton or Trump?’ is ugh!

[me]                                -It’s a fucking mess. That’s why I seriously refuse to vote. But then, I always refuse to vote #anarchy

[twitter person]        – I don’t see how not voting helps. I’m an anarchist, but I don’t think change happens by doing nothing.

[me]                               -I don’t think change happens by politics. It happens by people

[twitter person]       -But politics is guided by people. Everything is political. Societal changes and policy changes go hand-in-hand

[another twitter person chips in]  -You guys remember how the only way the rest of the states were forced to allow gay marriage? That was all Supreme Court.

[me]                             -Through pressure from public movement. Hence my point.

[twitter person]     -No amount of pressure from the public would have swayed a Supreme Court full of Trumplike thinkers though.

[me]                             -I definitely see your point, I just have mine. Can we go back to saying fuck a lot on twitter.

[twitter person]    -Yeah absolutely. I see your point as well and am glad we can have a civil discourse. Also, FUCK.


So there you have it. Conclude conclusions at your own risk. Also, don’t feel the need to let me know because frankly I don’t think I care.


On a less serious note, I found a terrific TV series that I’m loving so far. So, if you’re done thinking deep thoughts go on and enjoy yourself with 12 Monkeys. And it’s a show about primates and their habitats. Not really, it’s about time travel, and virus that destroys human population, and apocalypse. You know, the good stuff.


If you happen to be a reader, and happen to have never read the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy before. Oh my dear lord, you lucky bastard (I totally just used lord and bastard in one sentence. See you in hell if you chuckled at that). I never got around to reading the Guide. Only because it was so popular and everyone loved it so much, I didn’t read it to spite the general audience.  Because surely general audience was suffering from my spitefulness. It wasn’t, this is sarcasm kids. So do yourself a favor and read it, it’s beautifully written, both in terms of plot and language, and funny and witty, and all around awesome.


So Happy Finally Weekend Day.


And whatever you do, DON’T PANIC, and don’t lose your towel. (See! Read the damn book that way we can exchange these inside jokes.)


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