We need more giant gummy bears

So I haven’t blogged in a while and here’s why.

Last weekend we went to visit Brooklyn on a nice and scorching Sunday. And I have to say it was bittersweet because how can you not miss this?

Real easy is how

Bushwick Collective welcomed us with some freshly painted graffiti, cracked payments, and some old familiars. And this one giant gummy bear.

And that just gave me a glimpse of hope for humanity. Because if we shove enough gummy bears into people’s mouths that might be just enough to stop them from arguing. What can I say, I guess I’m a pacifist at heart.

Then we drove to the Socrates Sculpture Park mostly because it had goats. Albeit not live goats because that would be super cool. But goats with metal rods sticking out of their backs. And this would be meant to represent some sort of deep metaphor on how humanity is destroying nature, I assume. And even baby goats. The bastards got around to even baby goats. If you’re not shading a tear yet, here’s a visual.

So then it was back to work on Monday, AND on 4th of July. Due to an unfortunate series of events, some may refer to as adult life responsibilities, I had to work in amidst of people celebrating ‘merica. Oh the irony. That night’s fireworks had just the tiniest glimpse of hatred in my eye.

Then on Thursday it was my mom’s 55th birthday and my family decided to celebrate it by taking a week’s long vacation in rural Pennsylvania. And that gave my an idea to take my unused holiday for her birthday. Because I can be a good goddamn daughter sometimes. So I drove there Wednesday night, and spent the whole next day with my family and niece. And if you plan to relax with a one-year-old in the house you can just go ahead and scratch that off of your bucket list. It was still nice, and I’m glad I did it.

Friday morning, I had a nice 2 and half hour drive back to work. And about 5 cups of coffee that helped me pretend to be human. And if any coffee sponsors are reading this, I’m willing to sign a life long contract. My exhausted face will bring you fortunes (find me!).

So then Saturday I slept till I could sleep no more. More like not. I woke up at 7 am with the damn chirpy birds. Those of you that don’t  know, I recently moved to a nice, Christian neighborhood in suburbs. And as it turns out birds irritate my hearing. Like I can sleep through all the honking traffic in the world, but these little fuckers wake me up. This problem has yet to achieve a resolution.

So then I treated myself to some meni/pedis because nothing says first world problems than dealing with them by doing meni/pedis. You can quote me on that.

Wait this isn’t all.

And today we were not done with activities just yet, and decided to visit Sagamore’s Hill. Which used to be the residence of the Roosevelt family. And I was fairly excited because my cat Eleanor is named after Eleanor Roosevelt. Because I’m a history dork like that. But this trip was relatively uneventful. We saw the house, we walked the nature trail around it, and that was really all. Except on our way back we saw this huge, white, fluffy dog in a BMW.

And I just had to tweet #whiteprivilege

And I’ll just probably go take a nap now.

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