We named her Marta

So my sister had her baby, you guys (!). To much relief of everyone involved because she was in labor for three days. And did not strangle her husband in his sleep. Which I would totally go for, or at least attempt because if I suffer I’m taking somebody else down with me. But my sister remained civil throughout the whole process and even had he hair nice an washed. That a girl.

I felt bad for her. And decided to assist in the only way I knew how – I asked Twitter for support. And a lot of people chipped in, they sent love, good words, and even drew some questibable quality pictures


In all seriousness it was really damn nice for all these strangers to participate in an event that had no relation to them whatsoever. A little disturbing, but mostly just awesome.

I got to the hospital after work. And she was under epidural by that point. All drugged up and happy. But not ready to give birth yet as we were waiting for her to dilate the right amount. Which meant we talked about this and that, took a selfie, and watched some funny animal videos. She said it’s good for relaxation but I think she just wanted to watch some funny animal videos. Can you blame her? Then she kept drifting in and out of sleep, and our mom and me just say there staring at her like stalkers.

After a good amount of hours, the doctor stormed in, stuck his hand and her lady hoo haa, and was all like ‘ok you’re ready’. Then they stuck her feet up in the air and the pushing process began. I wasn’t planning on participating this much in the process, but I ended up clinging to her leg, helping her breathe, and watching as the baby slowly emerged. At one point she said it helps when somebody counts through her pushing intervals, and the nurse was doing only a semi decent job with that, and so I took on that responsibility, because I didn’t go to finance school for nothing. I can count. But my sister took it like a champ. She wasn’t yelling, nor complaining, not a single curse word left her mouth, she shot that baby out like a lady.

And the baby came. And I immediately got teary and emotional. I did however quickly put my foot away when the baby stuff splashed on the floor. Talk about reflexes. Also, in my defense I was in my new pair of converse.

Anyway, we all felt relieved and happy. My sister kept saying how empty her stomach feels, which was a rather obvious observation. And then we just sort of all shuffled around the room like lunatics, as the doctors were finishing their work. Then, of course, pictures and hugs and hugs and pictures.

And it was the best looking baby I have ever seen. And I’m not saying this because we’re related. That baby is good looking, ok? You’ll be overwhelmed by its baby awesomeness soon enough.

Until then, let’s welcome Marta Valentina into this world, and promise to be less ass holes to each other.

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