We all need a little bit of cancer in our lives

So. Not much happening this week. Or actually not much cohesive happening that would turn itself into a blog post subject. But that’s life. Hectic, complicated, and lacking blog post subjects, also freaking annoying because I need a vacation already. Which I am going to in a week. And we’re going to, wait for it, to Utah! You know the famous beaches, resorts, and crazy night life of Utah? Me neither. Because it doesn’t exist. So, we are setting off to find shit to do in Utah. And if anyone has been in Utah and found shit to do there, contact me ASAP.


My director boss lady is on vacation this week (not in Utah), and so this means I’m the first in command. But only like over our department, and it’s sometimes mind boggling to me that people put me in charge of anything. But if my future employer is reading this, I’m totally cool and professional. And I almost feel important certain moments. So there’s that.


In case you needed to know this, babies are a lot better after about initial 4 months. So, if you ever have a choice, skip over the first 4 months, because the baby then becomes a lot more interesting, more like a human being, and it smiles and reacts, and it’s very nice. I’m referring to my niece here. And we didn’t skip over her first 4 months, you monster, we raised her through them. Or actually my sister did, and I occasionally participated by drinking wine next to the baby, as opposed to  my usual alone.


Chelsea art galleries are closed until September 8th. I don’t know why. But I know it for a fact because I read this sign on at least four of them last night. And you know what I do when in doubt, I visit French restaurants. Because there is just something about good food and wine that makes me happy. Not sure, I guess I’m special like that. So, Le Pif if ever in need of spirit lifting. Tell them Daniel and Bethany sent you. And they’ll tell you ‘who are these people?’ (also, they say ‘merci’ a lot. it’s the cutest thing in the world)


In talking with my significant other the other night (I don’t care how awkward this sounds, I refuse to use the term  boyfriend), I have discovered that I need to have cancer in my life. Nothing serious, like a temporary, or a friendly cancer, or something. Because here’s why: I would finally be skinny, I would get to score the bold look without being too weird (I always wanted to score the bold look!), I would get to smoke weed all the damn time, and I finally wouldn’t need to go to work. Think about it. We all need a little bit of cancer in our lives. There is still a chance of dying, so don’t go out intentionally getting cancer and shit.


And I leave you to contemplate this. Also, happy Friday, I guess. Until we get cancer, and it’s like Friday every damn day.

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4 thoughts on “We all need a little bit of cancer in our lives

  1. Actually, two of my co-workers recently (separately) spent time in Utah and said it was beautiful. One of them saw a moose. I’ll have to find out where that was, because obviously, you’ll want to put yourself in moose-sighting range. If the last photo you ever take is a close-up of a charging moose, your life will have been worthwhile. I promise.
    Chuck Baudelaire recently posted…You Supply the Topic, I’ll Supply the Moderately Entertaining PostMy Profile

    1. What.This is great. I will go and find my death from a charging moose. Pictures to follow.

  2. … so I should stop searching for beaches in Utah. I was wondering why Google was laughing at me.

    1. Google can be a dick like that sometimes

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