We All Hate Our Jobs. Good News, We’re in It Together.

My McSweeney’s article got turned down.  And it was a reasonable response with cohesive feedback, so I don’t actually feel too bad about it. And I know that I just rushed into this too fast. I read like one article on their site, and immediately started writing mine. So what I submitted didn’t fit their required style. And I absolutely agree with that now. And any rejections is just another experience to learn from. Or it’s a reason to give up on all your life’s dreams. It’s either one of those.


I went to Bushwick this Saturday to check out some of the street art. And it was awesome. I posted pictures on Instagram, so find them there @thebooklynite.


And since I’m having a really shitty start of this week, like for reals, work and other stuff related, I’ll post the article I sent to McSweeney’s here. Also, I might be gone for a while, as I do want to try and work on another submission for them. Cheers until better times.

We All Hate our Jobs. Good News We’re in it Together

By Mila Nyk

I never had a dream of what I want to become once I grow up. There were some vague concepts of becoming an actress, or maybe a psychiatrist. Like those were my two choices, which couldn’t be more different, but more exact in describing the type of person I will become. Psychotic drama queen, if you’re not getting the hint. But that’s another topic.


Once you don’t have a specific career in mind, possibilities are endless, right? Wrong. There are too many choices, it all comes down to money, and people giving you advise are going to be shit. I went to talk to my school guidance counselor and, for the heck of it, told her I want to become either a nurse, or go into finance. To which she told me that nurses get paid 35K right after graduation, which told me absolutely nothing. It’s not like I owned mortgage at 18, and was aware of the standard cost of living. And then she told me her brother-in-law works in finance, and so clients take him out to dinner sometimes. To which I thought ‘dude…you have got to be kidding me’, and went with Finance. Cuz free food, people.


Half way through studying to become a Finance and Investment specialist, I realized that I could literally be doing anything, ANYTHING else and it would still be more enjoyable. But I had too many credits tied into it, so I had to stay. I had no choice. Because transferring majors would be all this hard work, and you don’t even understand.

Side note: Except accounting. Accounting is definitely worse than Finance. I seriously don’t understand why we don’t have an accountants’ suicide pandemic. No hard feelings, if you’re an accountant. We still need you during tax season.


Flash forward current times, I work in a large corporate setting, healthcare industry, finance department, and I naturally hate it. So, I went around asking friends and family if maybe their job is my next dream job.


I spoke with a friend holding approximately same position as mine, but working at a different company, thinking maybe this is a company thing. It’s not. Everyone working for any type of corporation is miserable. They can write their missions statements, and staple it to our heads, and it won’t make a difference. Although, has anyone tried stapling mission statement to a person’s head? Just a thought.


I spoke with a pharmacist. For some reason. And except for the fact that they have access to all the pills your soul could desire, which they’re not supposed to admit, their job is pretty boring and repetitive. Hard to study. Dealing with old and sick people. Not fun.


I spoke with a former restaurant chef, and she said it was horrible. For a female at least, harassment is endless, hours are crazy, and the stress in enormous.


I spoke with a hairdresser. Mostly because that woman just never shuts up.


And then I seriously thought about this whole writing gig. I went into blogging, and truly enjoy it as a hobby, but make zero money off of it. So, I started researching. Maybe I want to become a full time writer. And did you know that most of the writers are depressed? Like all the time. I’m not sure if one makes you into another, but they are either depressed about not writing, writing in times of depression, or depressed because they just finished writing something amazing and THAT will never happen again. Living the life. On the edge of depression.


So then I spoke with an artist who does these weird, but awesome collages/paintings. And they sell. They sell really well. He does this full time, with no day job obligations. But you know what else? He used to be a graffiti artist, and doing street art is what he enjoys the most. Instead. He spends all of his time in the studio doing the same type, ordered collages/paintings.


I also have a friend who is an amazing photographer, but refuses to go into it professionally. Because all artists get addicted to drugs, and then die from overdose. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much what he means. And you know he might be right. I haven’t done statistics on that.


In conclusion, whatever you chose you can’t win. But you can keep trying. And by Lord, you should.

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4 thoughts on “We All Hate Our Jobs. Good News, We’re in It Together.

  1. And then there are actuaries. Actuaries are people who would go into accounting but they can’t take the excitement.
    I’m still not sure what exactly I want to be when I grow up but I’ve been seriously dedicated to this writing thing since before I had hair in embarrassing places (and yet still can’t remember how to spell “embarrassing” correctly, but that’s another story). I’ve had ideas and I’ve had opportunities but never the twain have met. Nor have I ever met Mark Twain since he died several decades before I was born.
    What I came here to say though is congratulations on getting a rejection from McSweeney’s that included bona fide feedback. Clearly they realize you show promise.
    Christopher recently posted…Don’t Stop Me Now.My Profile

    1. ‘Congratulations on getting a rejection’ only a true writer could say that. But you already knew that. And thank you.

  2. I’m an accountant. I can confirm the suckage of this profession. It’s the worst. The other half of my job is Human Resources. That is its own basket full of ass-aches, but at least it’s kind of amusing sometimes and you can actually do things that help people. With my accounting job, I basically just do glorified data entry and explain to people over and over again what spreadsheets full of numbers mean.

    1. Oh the things we do for the right to buy other things.

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