Utah – travel to the orange lands Part 2

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So once we got to the Arches National Park (for free, ha ha ha), it was like driving through a different planet. It was all rocks and mountains, and mountain rocks. No arches though. The first view was saw was pretty damn magnificent and probably my favorite of the whole place. So there.


Then we drove through the park, stopped here, and stopped there, and still no arches. So then we wiped out a map because this was getting ridiculous, you don’t call a place Arches and have no actual arches. That’s like false advertising. And finally we located an arch on the map, drove to it, and there it was. Like in a reeealy faraway distance, a tiny, spec of an arch. It was called Delicate Arch. And you would need to just take their word for it because there was no telling if this arch was delicate, or muscular, or what. Albeit, there was an option of about 2 mile hike to see the arch closer, but let’s just say ‘fuck it’.


So then we drove to the next supposedly arch, and this also involved walking. But at least in this spot there were like several of arches together, and we already made the reckless drive to this place, thus felt obligated to go and hunt down some arches. We started to walk. And it was a lot of up and down hilly sandy trail walking. It sucked. The views were beautiful, arch-less, but beautiful. And I tell you most of the people who were walking with us had the same look ‘where the hell are these freaking arches?’ Finally we got to one of the most iconic arches of the park. Behold

So not worth it


We saw one other arch. So umm…yeah. The park had some arches. That’s all I have to say about that.


The park did redeem itself with our final stop that we actually missed at first, and it turned out to have 4 large arches! And they were truly impressive. So unintentionally we saved best for the last. And if you decide to go, just make sure you take the first turn to the right where it says Windows, and just skip the rest because it’s rubbish.


So then we drove back to our city of Bluff, where they play a lot of poker, where a lot of bluff is involved, and poker faces, and Lady Ga Ga for that matter. This joke was almost too easy to make. Because one shouldn’t be naming a city ‘bluff’. It’s bad luck. Anyways, that night we decided to go out for some cocktails. And had pretty shitty Bloody Maries. The only worse Bloody Mary I ever had, was that one time when I decided I can make Bloody Maries from scratch myself. I can’t.


The next day we had Monument Valley planned. And Monument Valley it was. Thankfully this place did not involve much walking. You just drove around and looked at the views. And there were definitely views to look at. You would think that by this day we’d seen enough not to be surprised anymore. Not true. The best part? Sandwiches. We took sandwiches with us, chose one of the best overviews, and just sat there, munching, not even talking to each other. I was in a such good mood that I even called my mom (true story).

Sound effect to this picture would be our chewing
Sound effect to this picture would be our chewing


This same day we drove down to Sedona because it’s close to Phoenix, and it has my favorite Starbucks. Starbucks with the view. And Starbucks should seriously start sponsoring me.




This  composition is not too great, I apologize, I was in a hurry. That place had loooots of Pokemons. Like I caught two Pikachus. It was great. Highly recommend visiting Sedona. They have Starbucks with a view AND Pokemons.


Then we went to visit this Buddha Stupa Shrine thing. I’m not sure about proper naming. And this place TOO had lots of Pokemons. It was also very serene and peaceful.


Then we drove to the Phoenix airport, boarded a plane, flew in at 6 am, and I went to work that same day. Like a boss.


The end.

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