@twisted_mind is surprisingly straight forward, or manual for an aspiring photographer

You know what I realized? I haven’t been introducing you to any cool people lately. And it’s time. I think you’re ready. I hope you’re ready for this one.

For the coolest, awesomest, and most talentest (let’s keep grammatical errors homogeneous) person I’ve met thus far.

His photography will make your skin crawl, and your eyes water from amazement, and let’s be honest, fairly often shock. He’s a Buddhist divided by 16, as he himself explains, everything is true with an exception, until it becomes a rule within that exception. He might have stolen this line from the Inception movie.

He’s like DiCaprio, only a lot more European.

He’s also my significant other, so chances are I’m grossly exaggerating.

The following interview is brought to you from the Master of Philosophy, Photographer, Visionary, and just an exemplary family guy (albeit this last one is somewhat of a stretch).

Here we go.

How did you get into photography?

Short answer is my daughter Alice. Long answer goes back to when I was 5. My uncle in Belarus used to shoot with Zenit and I got to watch him develop film.

Did you start with film or digital?

At 30 years old, I started with digital.

Do you remember your first camera?

Sonny F828.

Do you remember your first GOOD photo?

Yes. It was the same camera, it had an infrared feature. I shot a bridge in Central Park. Which consequently I found hanging in one of the lobbies of the Upper West Side building. And I thought this is deserved.

What kept you going?

The idea that I’m a genius [chuckles]. And social media sites that let me sell my photos for a fairly good price.

Aside from money?

Aside from money is money to buy better cameras.

Is it the same when you do it now?

When I shoot now, I relax. I do it slowly. It’s not exactly meditation because meditation is not generally rewarding, in shooting you do have your tangible end result.

What is the end goal of a good photo?

Several definitions. Basic one being any good photo needs composition. The problem with digital cameras is a lot of people have access to infinite number of clicks, and sometimes they just get lucky. Only a few can do consistently.

I know you’re a big proponent of film shooting, can you explain why?

I’m a big proponent of film shooting only in specific occasions. It requires real expertise because everything is manual, you have your limited number of shots,  you need confidence you’re getting it right.


Why nekkid ladies?

Everyone likes naked ladies. We’re living in the time when everyone wants to be liked. So if you mix naked ladies with serious photography…it gets people’s attention. I’m just not too into serious photography.


Victims of terrorist attacks, children dying in Syria, that type of thing.

So what is your style?

I don’t have a single style. I can shoot portraits, streets, moving objects, landscapes whatever is in front of my eyes.

Do you have any big influences you would name?

Yes and no. No because again I never stick to one genre.

Would you recommend the same to someone else?

I would recommend trying where you’re good at. I would recommend not being too concerned with other people’s judgement. It should be self moderation. That’s why I never delete anything from my feeds. So I could compare where I was and where I am now.

Are you a big proponent of processing?

For digital I like it a lot. Because you can take a horrible photo and turn into something really interesting.

Favorite camera to date?

Several: digital Leica M9, medium format Plaubel Makina, and Rolleiflex.


What’s your stance on politics?

Fuck politics. America is stable enough to survive Trump. Or Obama for that matter.

Does God exist?

[medium length pause]  Yep.

Favorite curse word?

English – fuck. I prefer to curse in Russian though.

Did you enjoy this interview?


Could you elaborate?

Fuck yes.


And you know what, this interview struck me as being fairly straight forward for a person who shoots naked ladies in abandoned psych wards.

So do yourself a favor check out and follow @twisted_mind on Instagram, and never be dull. Or be dull, it’s a free country after all.


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