To My Dear Bro, Jean-Michel Basquiat

I saw Jean-Michel Basquiat. Or actually I didn’t see him HIM because he’s dead, and that would be weird, but I saw his art. Finally. And this is significant because we sort of have a history together. Maybe a one-way relationship that’s not actually a relationship, but here’s what I mean.


My very first post was about Basquiat. Or actually my very first post was about me, but only because it was an Intro, and also because it’s my blog so I write about myself. I would write about you, but I don’t know who you are, so can’t do that. Obviously. But the second post, or first real subject topic post was about him. And it was about his art exhibition that I didn’t get to was too lazy to go see. You can read it here ‘Basquiat: The Unknown notebooks’ – The unseen exhibition.


Naturally, I never made it to that exhibition and forgot all about it, but his name continued to pop up throughout my blog. Like this one time I went to his grave, unintentionally. Because that’s what I do, I unintentionally visit graveyards. Sometimes intentionally. There’s nothing wrong with it. I hope. But seriously there’s a really cool, historic Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn that has Basquiat’s grave, and I went there for a stroll and wrote about it here Not your typical Sunday afternoon. And this is the second time I’m linking to my earlier posts, and if you’re not catching up, this is called recycling your posts. Go on and click on them, recycling is good, we’re saving a planet here people. Sort of. (while we’re on the subject of cemeteries, here’s another cool place I wrote about the Village of Sleepy Hollow. Yup, still recycling).


Then I saw Basquiat’s face numerous times on Brooklyn walls. I don’t mean this in a creepy way. Meaning, he is one of the favorites to portray among street artists. Which is probably only reasonable because do you know of any other great people originating from Brooklyn? Exactly my point. Also, this was way before hipsters made their nest in Williamsburg. Which means Brooklyn was a shitty place, but the rent was cheap. But enough reminiscing, these are the examples.




Fun fact: the very first post, that’s technically the second post, about Basquiat is also my most searchable one. But there could be a simple explanation to this. It is also one of my only posts that has a sensible tittle that people might actually be searching for. Because if you’re new to this website, I tend to be creative with my titles, maybe too creative, like here – ‘On taming cats and twitter‘ (although most people on twitter tend to have cats, so I don’t see how this is not a sensation), ‘ Ask me how to have a two faucet kitchen (I mean who would search for this, bad plumber?), ‘Hitler inspired weekend’ (somehow general audience is just not into Hitler). Anyway. You get the idea, Basquiat’s post is my most popular one.


So how awesome was it when this Monday, accidentally, to my surprise, I saw one of Basquiat’s paintings. It was Memorial Day, and we had a day off. And we just happened to decide to visit one of our fine city’s museums. And it was Whitney Museum. And I liked it. It seriously had a bunch of cool stuff that was able to capture my full and undivided attention, which doesn’t happen often. It had Andy Warhol, and a number of other important artists whose names I don’t know, nor care to memorize. But at one point I went to check out this piece.


And thought it looks bizarre, then read the tag, and it was Basquiat. A year later, I finally got around to seeing one of his works. For some reason it felt like meeting an old friend. From 3rd grade. Who doesn’t even remember you.


Anyway, the end.


P.S. Just in case you got on this website by accident, and you actually are a real art enthusiast, more so, if you’re a rich art enthusiast – check out for an awesome collection and ability to buy amazing pieces, including Basquiat’s paintings.

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2 thoughts on “To My Dear Bro, Jean-Michel Basquiat

  1. Lisa K

    Like I’ve told The Bloggess ( 😉 ) Universal High Fives are the best!

    Jean-Michel Basquiat is obviously your ‘Spirit Animal’ or Totem for your blog. Everytime he pops up, you are getting confirmation from the Universe that you are in the right place at the right time, saying the right words, thinking the right thoughts and feeling the right emotions.

    Yay! You 🙂

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in Universal High Fives 🙂

    And you got ’em coming in by the ‘handful’s!’


    1. Oh my god, Lisa you gave me an extreme case of goose bumps. I guess that’s sort of what I was thinking, but you put it into words. And for that I thank you

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