Things that might or might not cause the end of the world

I’m not going to lie, last week was a good week. Almost to the point that it makes me nervous because surely the world is going to end now. Because that’s just the law of ‘Universe and its dick moves’. It’s also physics. Probably. Until then, here are some awesome things that might or might not cause the end of the world.


Pointless Boob sent me her book. I wrote about her a few posts back so probably familiarize yourself with that first, or otherwise assume I’m reading books written by inanimate objects with ridiculous names. Whichever works for you really. I, of all people, would not blame you for choosing the latter. And she sent it to me for free, I’m her trial reader. And this has some annoying factors attached to it 1) I need to actually read it 2) I need to actually pay attention while reading it 3) I need to know how to  actually read. And thankfully I poses all three of these qualities, and it might be why she chose me. But I was really relieved to find out that the book is not shit, and I’m enjoying it enormously. Don’t tell her though because someone doesn’t know how to take a damn compliment, KAREN. I can’t wait until the official release so you, good people (granted if you know how to read), could enjoy the hell out of it as well.


I got approached by Mieroglyphs Apparel Company, or the bracelet people, as I call them. Because they sell bracelets. There’s no twist to this plot. Granted a very nice looking bracelets. It said something about the company believing in ethical production, and intentional inspiration. But who cares about those things anyway. And I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with their bracelet because it hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe it will arrive and I will loathe it with a vengeance. Or we’ll have a complex, layered relationship. Who knows, it’s a bracelet, anything could happen. But if you’re an impatient Nancy, more so if you’re an impatient Kevin, go and check out their stuff. Use promo code MILA10 for a 10% discount (I have my own fucking promo code!).


Then out of pure coincidence I met with the DJ couple and wrote about them last week. And this created a certain hype, especially on my Instagram account. Which sounds kind of cool, only instead I got followed by a bunch of DJs. It’s like I’m a patron saint for DJs all of a sudden now. And while I might be a saint (there’s no definitive evidence either pro or against this claim), I am most definitely not a fucking patron. People are stupid. Also, I expect a massive unfollow in about a week, and a sudden influx of disappointed DJs.


On Saturday, my significant other flew in after a week’s absence. And it was nice. Him coming back, not his absence. Although his absence was a crucial part of this event. Because if he came back without actually being absent, I’d be like ‘WTF that doesn’t even count’.


We went Pokemon hunting in Central Park  on Sunday . And it was disappointing because I heard that Central Park is supposed to have lots of rare Pokemons. They only had regular Pokemons. Very sad. Also, I managed to get giant sole blisters on my feet from wearing flip flops. Granted they were a new pair, but aren’t flip flops is like the most harmless form of a shoe. Well, apparently not.


And I leave you with this picture I took yesterday of the most bad ass cat ever.



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3 thoughts on “Things that might or might not cause the end of the world

  1. That does sound like a good week. And I like to pretend that Coors is local now that I live in Colorado. My husband is a ridiculous beer snob. And I like it to taste mostly like water. Keep us posted on the bracelet.

    1. I’m keeping with the Pabst Blue Ribbon. I read somewhere that hipsters are supposed to drink that.

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