Theo Bleckmann – the interview that’s really not

So this past Sunday (which would be the Sunday before the one that just happened, because I get these things confused too) I happened to be listening to an outside concert given by Theo Bleckmann at the Naguchi museum. And I mentioned about it before, but briefly, only because that same weekend police stole my friend. And I feel this event did not receive as much attention as it deserved. Because I truly did like Theo Bleckmann’s performance. So I went ahead and stocked Theo Bleckmann on all social media platforms possible. And one evening, after having just the right amount of too much to drink, I sent him a message asking for an interview.

And the next morning nothing happened. But the next evening something happened, and he responded saying that ‘sure I’ll answer your questions’. So I got really ecstatic, and nervous, and ecstatic, and then nervous again. I quickly put together some questions that I wanted to ask him. And this was conducted via the Instagram chat platform. And it was going great, until after about 3rd question, it stopped going great, and he stopped responding all together. And after a few of my nagging inquiries, he sent this to me:

‘yes, to all’

Which can most definitely classify as a polite brush off . And I sort of laughed at this. Because it was also funny, in a polite way. But then I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to share about Theo Bleckmann’s music with you, good people. And I really wanted to do that.

Also, I already had my eloquently written questions, and so I couldn’t just let this half ass finished interview go to waste. So…I had my friends answer the rest of the questions.

So here we go, the interview that’s really not.

[Me] When I heard your voice, at the Noguchi museum event, I remember thinking ‘WHOA’. You have a really powerful voice, but an unconventional style of music. Why this form of expression?

[THEO] It’s still singing. Some people call it singing like an instrument. The piece you posted [find it on my Instagram, also in previous post] would fall under the category ‘ambient’ music.

(Note to self: google ambient. You should google ambient too. I’m not doing all the googling for you.)

[Me] Did you ever have thoughts/desires to go into mainstream? Or was this your conscious choice all along?

[THEO] If what I do goes mainstream: great. Same music 😉

[Me] Do you find the writing process easy and enjoyable or like going through a birth canal?

[THEO] Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s a painful drawn-out torture.

And this was it. Except ‘yes to all answer’ which can classify as a 4th one. So it’s like you’re getting a bonus here.

The rest of these are answered by my friends (who are not famous, nor very much talented (in terms of singing that is)

[Me] Would you say you’re a process and favorite routine type of person, or more sporadic and chaos is beauty like?

[Friend 1] I like for everything to be predictable. All types of sudden and unexpected events throw me out of balance. I hate surprises. I honestly have fits of aggression if something is not going according to my plan. As far as decision making process goes, same is true, I like to balance out all pros and cons beforehand, especially now that I have a family.

This comes to us from a person who once created excel spreadsheet for breast feeding her newborn. I believe her.

[Me] Do you look for inspiration, have certain triggers? Or just let it find you?

[Friend 2] I wouldn’t say that I look for inspiration. I’d rather let it find me. I believe inspiration needs to come from outside: people situations, objects, art.

This comes to us from a person who just graduated from college, after studying for about 57 years, she knows about inspiration.

[Me] Have you ever lived through the fear of what if that’s it, one day the music will just stop?

[Friend 3] Music is like your heartbeat, when it’s there, it feels very natural. But sometimes you ask yourself, how long this will last…And you rush yourself to do more and more, while you can.

This comes to us from my significant other, so I’m not allowed to make snarky remarks. Also, I think this answer was great. Honestly, honey.

[Me] You have moved to New York a while back, do you consider New York you home?

[Friend 4] No. Whenever, I leave New York, and then come back I never have a feeling of ‘yippee, home!’

This comes to us from a person who hates New York. Apparently.

[Me] Being a Brooklyn based blogger, what are your thoughts on Brooklyn?

[Friend 5] Cool city, hear there’s good stuff to find in it, but I’ve never been.

This comes to us from a person who’s obviously never been in Brooklyn. Bad choice of question, me.

[Me] Are all your works created individually, or do you like collaborating with other artists?

[Friend 6] What? Am I an artist? Lol. If so, individually…Got to go, baby’s crying

Said my sister, and said no Theo Bleckmann ever.

And so here I ran out of questions. And also friends to answer them.

Shout out to everyone who lent a helping hand.

Also, do check out Theo Bleckmann for some refreshingly different, awesome sounds, and follow on social media. But probably don’t try to interview him.

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