The Story of Me Part 7

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I got my first job when I was 14. I was sitting home by myself, it was cold outside, and I wasn’t in school. I don’t remember why exactly I wasn’t in school, probably some type of break, who knows. So under unknown circumstances, I was sitting home alone and decided that I’m sick of relying on money from my parents, and having to explain myself (because, you know, at 14 you’re practically an adult), and thus I needed a job. I was fully aware that I can’t be expecting great working environment with a benefit package, mostly because I didn’t know these things existed at that point, and mostly because I knew with my limited set of skills I could only expect wages on the lower-end spectrum. See, I was very much in tune with realities of life. So, I found a newspaper ad for a job giving out flyers, called it, and after a relatively short conversation was informed that I’ll be picked up in a few minutes. I didn’t have a cellphone because times like that actually existed, I also decided not to inform my parents and make it a surprise. I seriously thought of the whole idea as a great surprise. I imagined brining my share of income to the household, easing my parents’ burden, and practically saving the whole family – somehow, my minimum wage earnings were supposed to achieve exactly that.


So, anyway I was picked up by a lady who didn’t turn out to be a serial killer or a rapist. And she gave me flyers, and dropped me off in an industrial neighborhood next to a Home Depot because my flyers were selling tiles, or something. I didn’t pay attention, which was not a professional behavior, and I probably should have familiarized myself with the product I was representing. I didn’t. The day continued, and the process got a bit repetitive. I began freezing at some point, but that only prompted me to speed up my movements, which in turn increased my productivity, which I concluded was a positive thing.


I was supposed to get picked up at 4pm by the same lady. And the time approached, and passed, and she was nowhere to be seen. I had one quarter to call from a pay phone in times of emergency. After some thoughtful deliberation on how to use this single coin wisely, I called her and was informed that she was running late due to some unfortunate circumstances and would be there…eventually. I carried on with my flyers, it was getting dark, and I was cursing in my head. Not well I’ll admit because I was still young. Eventually some random man pulled over, refused my flyer because it was his third time passing me by that day, and demanded to know what I was still doing out there. Bless his soul for he stayed with me until my employer lady came to collect me.


Now that I think about it, I could get murdered at so many points during that day, but instead I earned $25! At home however, instead of triumphant welcome, I was met with some worried parents and a lecture about my stupidity. I was forced to resign my position the next day.


P.S. Talking on the subject of flyers and ignorance


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