The Story of Me – Beginning

I’m sure many of you are eager to know more about me. So, I’m creating a new piece to my blog. I shall call it ‘The story of me’. I’ll be posting my memories as they flood back to me. Stay tuned and they might even follow chronological order.

So, where does one’s journey begin in life? The first memory? First lost tooth? Getting your period (for girls, I would imagine its wet dreams for boys (don’t quote me on this)). Did you think I will provide you with an answer, or arrive to a logical conclusion here? Not that type of post. But it seemed like a proper introduction. A bit short. I will stretch it out some more now.

A person goes through life wondering about its secrets. Marveling at some, trying to solve others. Suffers, and laughs, and pays taxes. Most importantly dreams, makes plans, then has kids and all of that goes to hell. I too had a dream (tip of the hat to Mr. King), and that dream was of becoming a writer. Non-related to my current occupation. If you must know (and you must, since you’re reading this blog which is mostly about me) – I’m a finance graduate, surprisingly working in a finance department, as a middle class manager. But more on that exciting topic later. I don’t have any kids, and the point I’m trying to make is I get to realize my dream. See above, become a writer. Plus my sister keeps saying I should most certainly start writing, based solely on the texts I send her. So, I’m totally going for it (yes, I will try to include the texts I send her).


I’m an immigrant. How’s that for attention grabber? Agreed. I’m a transvestite would work better. But I am not a transvestite, and am an immigrant. I remember visibly leaving my home country and traveling to America – the promised land of Hollywood (by the way, at that point in my life I was SURE this all meant that I will become an actress one day. Not so sure anymore). So I was 13, living in Ukraine (it’s the small country next to Russian. I learned not mind being called Russian. Almost). Although now with the war going on there, you probably know what Ukraine is. War tends to give a flare of popularity to one’s country. Glass half full type of shit. So there I was packing away. Not feeling a tinge of sadness. Leaving behind my home, which was a studio apartment that housed our family of four, a cat, and a constant stream of relatives that would stay over for no apparent reason. Can you miss that? Leaving behind my school. Not a fan. Never was a fan of education. Although I did get some. Bachelor’s degree even. To this day not sure how that happened. And finally leaving behind my friends. Those I did miss. I remember vaguely now. But as it happens to be, there aren’t irreplaceable people. Time goes by you get some new friends, throw away old ones, maybe keep some, mix them up. Spice it up a little (now, I think this line is from some sort of commercial, so if I get compensation for reference points, I’m making money already (see people, never lose track of what’s important in life even if it’s double prentices (making it triple now ))).

…To be continued

P.S. Completely unrelated. But I went to a somewhat strange Japanese restaurant yesterday, and here is a picture I thought you’ll appreciate.2015-05-28 08.58.32


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