The perfectly good measurement of happiness

So I’ve been debating with myself whether to write about this or not, but since I have been bursting at the seams with emotions, I might as well share. So, not to brag, but to make you all feel jealous, I have recently become a proud owner of my first luxury car.


Those of you, who’ve been with me for a while, might know about my troubled auto motor vehicle past. Or go on and familiarize yourself with it here. And it’s a little sad and pathetic, but also kind of funny.


But I had my lease expiring this week, and flash back a year ago, this was supposed to be the moment of great relief and happiness. But, alas, wonders happened. My ass got used to the comfort of not having to walk much. And instead of turning in my vehicle upon lease expiration, and reverting back to the comforts of public transportation, I got myself a new lease.


Also, thanks to some good people and angels in flesh that work at NYC Auto Leasing, I got a really good deal on my first ever luxury car, Acura ILX.


Actual conversation that happened

– Ok, so you’re ready to check out your new car?

– Sure, yeah, yes, aha (so that’s me affirming same thing 4 times. It’s like I was nervous the car is not going to like me)

– So your engine starts by just pressing the start button

– Yeah, I’ve seen those….in movies, and other rich people cars

– *pause* Ok, and here you have all your usual thermal control, radio, music, so forth. Let’s pair up your phone blue tooth?

– Yeah, let’s do that


This part I knew and was ready for. Until, the car started speaking to me in a lovely lady voice. And I went

– Is she going to talk to me?

– Sometimes. And that button on your wheal is for when you need to talk to it first.

– This one here that looks like a yelling face?

– That’s the one. So to continue, these buttons here is for your seat warmer – both yours, and passenger’s

– I have that?

– You do, now.

– You have got to be shitting me

– I am not shitting you. Now, put your car back in reverse, that’s your back, parking camera.

– Oh dear lord, I always wanted one of those. I mean, I sort of knew I’ll probably have it in this car. But now I actually have it, and it’s there. And I have it now.

– *pause, strange sideways look*  Right. So, that should about cover everything, and here is of course your sunroof

And that did me, I went

– Holy fuck, I have a sun roof?! (I used a slightly more modest curse words)

And then the guy just started laughing, and said that I am the happiest customer he has had in a while. Because apparently most people are just cool, they take their luxury cars and drive off. Screw you, cool people. I was excited.

I was so careful driving home that day; it probably would be easier if I just carried it in my hands instead.

And then I went home and washed my hair. Somehow, I felt like the new car would disapprove of unwashed hair. I might be just tiny bit short of bowing to my car every time I’m about to drive it.

So the moral of the story is that happiness is not measured in material things. Except luxury cars. Those are the perfectly good measurements of happiness.

P.S. Completely unrelated picture, but who doesn’t love a good grumpy cat quote


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2 thoughts on “The perfectly good measurement of happiness

  1. HA! I’m sure the car could find a way to wash your hair for you. Plus the camera has saved my life. I am a terrible driver (and parker) and this makes up for it (sort of) I think we need a selfie with the car
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    1. milanyk

      Ahahaha, well I do have that sunroof, maybe I could just stick my head out and air it out. Some conditioner would be required eventually.

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