The only reason for human contact is insemination


So, after being a stay-at-home Susan this past week (choice of the name was completely arbitrary, no offense to Susans), I was ready for some loud music and questionable choices. In a setting that didn’t involve my apartment. And so I met up with a friend on Friday night and we went for dinner, some good girlfriend chat, and mostly good live music. And it was supposed to end somewhere there but instead turned into a bar hopping spree. I would say unexpectedly, but I have a strong reason to believe my brain was plotting this all along.  Four bars later and at four in the morning, I was back to being content with life. And not feeling the need to murdering anyone, except my liver that could probably claim planned homicide, if given the chance to comment.


I don’t think I need to explain how and why I woke up late on a Saturday. Surprisingly, I felt better than expected. And you know you’re an adult if you have your pain killers, and a bottle of water, and whatever other remedies prepared the night before for the morning after.  So resurrection back to the living went relatively well.


Then I remembered that my boyfriend was flying back the same day, after a week of absence for a business trip (or so he says (I always leave room for doubt)). And I actually didn’t so much remember, as it was him who called and said that he flew in and was back. I was forced to speed up my resurrection process. Then we met and did what couples usually do after a week of absence…we bought a new Xbox and latest Mortal Kombat game. Because remember how I wrote in this post that I have conquered the red ring of death? Well, you can scratch that.


And then you people, virtual reality happened. And I’m not even making this up. If you subscribe to New York Times, which is highly unlikely but still, chances are this week along with your newspaper you got virtual reality glasses. And they’re a cheap looking version, with an impressive original name Google Cardboard, and that look like this


But they work! You put your phone inside, download a special app and dive into virtual reality. I haven’t been this excited ever since 3d printers came out, or ever since I was able to fit into size 4 pants again. You get the idea. The whole thing is still an experiment because they require special type videos that are expensive to produce. So even if you’ll be able to get the glasses, there isn’t much to watch yet. And although I would prefer teleportation better, it is neat to live during the age where soon enough the only reason for human contact will be insemination.


Then the weather was gorgeous on a Sunday and we went for a nice walk. And I made an attempt and failed at making a flower crown out of fallen leaves. But who cares when virtual reality is virtually here.


P.S. Here I’m holding what was meant to be a future fallen-leaves-crown. My face is full of pride and unaware of failures laying ahead.



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