The Non-Writing Post

So, I don’t really feel much like writing this week. And I guess I’ll write a post about not wanting to write a post. Because that’s just logic.


I made several honest attempts to come up with a credible topic that you, good people, might enjoy. I tried to find inspiration all around me, but this is what I came up with so far.


Heard radio people discuss pet peeves, or little things people  find really annoying in life. And I thought it could be a fun topic. Plus I would get to write about hating stuff. And everybody likes a little hateful talk in they life. No? Just me then. Anyway, so then in my mind I was like ‘I hate home slippers.’ And that’s it.

And then I had this whole internal dialogue.


-I hate home slippers

-explain yourself, woman

-I just hate home slippers


-I don’t really have a good reason for it. I don’t remember being traumatized by a slipper growing up, or having a bad experience with a slipper, or anything.

-You can’t really write a post around ‘I hate slippers’

-I know, I know.


So that idea got scrambled. Although, I am sort of writing a post about hating slippers, so some part of me wins that argument. Feels good. To win your own argument.


So then I read a blog about ‘Married sex’. Because I was bored at work. That’s what I do when I’m bored, I read about sex. That and cryogenics. I’m not even making this up. Those are two equally interesting reading topics for me. Anyway, this article was about importance of keeping sex life alive after marriage, with all good pointers and advise. So, then I was like ‘Should I write about my sex life? I’m not married. Does advise on unmarried sex life still counts? Does anyone even need advice on sex life if they’re not married?’ Well, I couldn’t answer that one. So you’re not reading about my sex life.


Then, I read my favorite blog by this woman RSIH. But in this particular post she was talking about how great it is getting older, specifically getting over 50. And this is like a big thing now. With all the aging baby boomers they’re like the new ‘it’ thing. Being old is so great, and freeing, and you don’t have all that baggage of youth with issues, responsibilities, ambitions. And I just kept thinking ‘shit, you’re right. I want to be old and wise.’ And there is something completely not right about this. And also, should I write a post about how it sucks to be young?


Then, I had an idea of observing my co-workers and maybe describing the bizarre things that happen in those cubicles, which they do happen. But all I wrote was ‘my coworker has the weirdest sneeze. Some people are just strange’ And I’m not even sure what to conclude from that. Is there even a conclusion? Or some people really are just weird.


Anyway, this is the end of my non-writing post.


P.S. I’m not even adding a picture.

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  1. Lisa K

    Cute 🙂
    I’ll be back for more!

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