The cool guy named Einstein

Ok you guys, Happy coming up Valentine’s weekend to all. Hope your male counterparts made some predictable restaurant reservations and bought some predictable red roses. Because no matter what, we girls dig these things. And shout out to all single people on these days of celebrating love and relationships. We feel sorry for you and good luck. But I’m kidding, you rock – single people! Enjoy, and more like we’re all jealous of you.


And I personally didn’t make any plans because very exciting news happened. And I can’t tell you what it was, but this was exciting. Don’t worry, I’m totally telling you. But it’s very exciting, so you have to promise to remain calm and collected.




Here it goes


Einstein’s  General Theory of relativity was confirmed today!


I know! I’m not even making this up. And this is ground breaking news for the whole scientific community and all of humanity, really.


If you didn’t notice by now, I’m kind of a geek. Like this one time I took my commuter apart, and turned it on using a screw driver because the start button got stuck [I shit  you not, and I think this should be some type of a circus act.] And this other time I hacked the free Sims game on my iPad because it was taking too long to get stuff. And this one time I saved my commuter from the red ring of death and told you about it here. You get the idea. Now, I don’t have any official training in any of this, so a lot of electrical devices have perished by my hand. Things happen, and it doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to fix/permanently damage things.


Anyway, I’m not a complete geek though. Mostly because I don’t approve of their sense of fashion, and I just happen to have some. I do wear glasses, but geeks lost that look to hipsters a long time ago. Unless your glasses are not black, and thick-rimmed, than you’re still a geek. And here I was trying to provide a picture that would differentiate geeks from hipsters, but google seems to think they’re the same thing. Whatever, google. Our opinions have parted ways once again.


But back to Einstein. I really, truly, honest to God hope I don’t need to explain he who is. But in case I do, you might recall him as the crazy hair guy.


Apart from his questionable/awesome hairdo, Einstein was a genius physicist. Almost a century ago he came up with the Theory of Relativity, which pretty much stated that time and space are, well, relative. In other words, they’re dynamic, interconnected, and not a given constant. And there is some fairly complicated reasoning and explaining behind this on Wikipedia and probably in some science books, but who reads those anyway. All the scientific mambo jambo aside, this mean we’ll be able to teleport one day, or go into different dimensions, or read each other’s mind, or prevent Britney Spears from ever being born, or Hitler, whichever.


Fun fact. They were able to confirm Einstein’s theory by listening to black holes, apparently making noise. Just two black holes going about their business, and maybe arguing about what to have for lunch, or which planet to destroy next, or whatever it is black holes argue about.


So that’s your Friday’s wisdom: some noisy black holes, and a whole world of possibilities.


If you’d like a better researched article on this that doesn’t contain shit word, here’s a link to a NY Times one.


P.S. And I’ll see you in teleport traffic.


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  1. mila

    So apperently i got so excited that i made a ton of grammatical errors…

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