Taking selfies with cats is hard

So what I learned this weekend is that taking selfies with cats is hard. In other words my weekend was not very much productive. I did go shopping on a Sunday and bought myself a smart looking tweed coat. But then the same purchase contained an ugly sweater. You know, those ridiculous-looking Christmas-themed sweaters. Mine makes annoying, jingly sounds too. I have no explanation for this last purchase. Unless, maybe I’ll wear it underneath my smart looking tweed coat and surprise my co-workers and potentially get fired. I justified to myself that I’m going to throw an ugly sweater party, but so far I’m the only one with an ugly sweater and parties take time and energy to plan. So, I’m the only one on the guest list too. I’m sure that’s going to work out just fine.

I actually know fully well why the weekend was not productive. Because I went out until late on Friday. Like late to the point it was already early. Early in the morning. And it’s a good idea to go out like that in case – never. It’s never a good idea because your sense of time and gravity gets distorted and we sort of live in a world that abides by the laws of time and gravity, and once you lose those – you start taking selfies with cats. Which is hard, people. Look

I swear to you that’s a cat


That's not a duck face, that's me getting annoyed at the vat who apparently doesn't know how to take selifes. In this day and age
That’s not a duck face, that’s me getting annoyed at the cat who apparently doesn’t know how to take selifes. In this day and age



And I leave you with that thought-provoking idea


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