Support groups, current exhibitions, and why my nails are yellow

OK so as described in my previous post, I am now scheduled to attend support groups twice a week and neither one of which is directly related to my condition. Go figure. One is a DUI program, and another is Women’s Group. Awesome, getting involved in social issues while proclaimed mentally ill is exactly how I envisioned my recovery. I was furious. Mostly because after being cooped up for 8 days, getting into a work routine was stressful enough. Now, I was to report to these meetings, sit in two additional hours of traffic, listen to some random people – all in the name of science. I mean COME ON.

That is until I actually went. And you know what, it wasn’t half as bad. Most of the people I met there seemed like a bunch of bad asses that got caught, but were still very much committed to the gangsta way of life. That is of course if a parole officer allows it. Point being, I found more people stuck in a rot this society calls crime and punishment. And somehow that felt re-assuring. None of them were ‘crazy’ like me, but seemed genuinely interested in my hospitalization stories without putting any labels. I wish I had more dirt on this as it was my evil plan, to go see the groups and write an expose of sorts. I mean things can always go south real fast, so stay tuned.

This weekend I committed to doing normal things again. I got my nails done, after about two months of letting nature take over. My original plan was to ‘let them breathe’ after religiously getting gel manicure for the last three years. But then my natural nails came out yellow, side effect of my current pills, and that shit wasn’t pretty. Anyways, after being thoroughly massaged and pampered, I felt somewhat pretty again.

Then my significant other suggested we visit a museum. And we went to Guggenheim to see current exhibition of Hilma af Kint. And it’s not the Kint that you’re thinking of, this one is a lady Klint. I was fairly excited because introduction video talked about hidden message, and cosmic meanings in her works. And there was. A lot of her work was a mixture of mysticism, religion, geometrical figures, notions of wright and wrong, and the secret of life itself. She was definitely ahead of her years at the time. But pretty much self explanatory these days. My opinion, and I suggest you still go visit if just for the circular shape of the building. Never gets old to me. My only wish is to one day rollerblade down that incline, or run real fast, anything, anything at all.

On Sunday I went cloth shopping. I rid myself of all possible company, and made it a priority of just me time. You need to understand, I hate cloth shopping. Especially, now that I gained extra 6 lbs (also side effect of my pills). So this wasn’t a small task. I found a local TJ Max and committed myself fully to going through racks and racks of colorful rags. That almost intentionally rhymes. And I bough a lot of new work cloth. Success? Probably so. I’ll ask in my next Women’s group.

Oh and that Sunday night, we got to work on our photography book. You see, my significant other takes relatively decent photos, and I write relatively decent content. So together we’ve been creating a photography book with his photos and my help in editing and writing. And it has a bunch of nekkid ladies, and is fairly thought provoking. We are proud of how our child is coming along, and are planning on a possible exhibit.

Cool stuffs, babies. So follow along.

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