Sometimes shitty days happen

Sometimes you just happen to live through a shitty day. Here’s yesterday for me.


Got to work half an hour late because traffic was humanediously horrific. I just made up a word – humanediously. Not a real word, and means something along the lines: human, pissed, seriously. Because real words are not enough to describe the state of annoyance when you wake up at 6, and still don’t get to work on time.


Once I got to work, the day started with the usual – this project is dragging behind deadline, that one never got started, and we have about five more in queue to be completed yesterday, while performing cartwheels. Which stopped bothering me after a while, and I learned to see a form of beauty and zen in amidst all these stressed, and yelling people. Most of the days. This one was not one of those.


My sister who’s due to give birth any minute now, called to say that she’s in the hospital, having contractions. And I have been silently freaking out about the whole birthing thing lately. Like even more than her. Because I don’t even know why. I just know that it hurts, and that sometimes babies rip vaginas, and I don’t want my sister’s vagina to get ripped. Not that I think about her vagina, which would be weird, but I want the whole process to go smooth for her.


So anyway, she called, was really chill, and like ‘not yet, but we’ll let you know when to get here.’  So then I started doing breathing exercises, and singing songs in my head because apparently I was going into labor as well. Remotely. And then, of course, I got an angry call from one of our vendors and we go into a full blown showdown. But like one of those  corporate work showdowns. Because none of us could curse, and instead we threw around phrases like ‘I respectfully disagree’, and ‘I don’t feel we are in the position to make such decisions’, and ‘All things considered, it’s best we don’t rush to conclusions’. It’d be so much simpler if only we could use ‘fuck’ instead. Personal opinion.


So then lunch time, I ran outside because I had a scheduled work interview that I made weeks in advance. And I frequently schedule myself for interviews at other places. Just for fun. It’s like a really twisted hobby of mine. Because I start going through the whole process, and then just go ‘nah, I don’t want your job. It’s like the same shit hole I’m in right now, only with unfamiliar people.’ The shit hole part I say only in my head, people.


So this interview ends up taking longer than I expected. I had other chores to squeeze into this 1h lunch that was now 0.5h lunch because of my lateness. So between paying the rent bill, and getting food for my cat – I chose the rent bill. Dry food for you, cat. It’s not like you can evict me.


Meanwhile, sister got sent back home because not yet, not yet. While, I got a call saying that we’re invited to a small birthday gathering, and my significant other will be staying over at my place tonight. All of which was fine except three things: my apartment was a mess, my fridge empty, and I needed to wash my hair. Anxiety level – high.


5 o’clock hit and I ran out of the office like a madwoman, silently praying the boyfriend gets stuck in traffic long enough for me to take care of all of the above. And he does. Good news: I manage to speed clean the apartment, throw some stuff resembling food into the fridge, and shower. Bad news: he gets stuck in traffic for a reeealy long time (my prayers work too well) and arrives to dinner pissed.


The dinner was actually nice. We went to Thai Rock in Rockaway. Gorgeous view and good food, do visit if ever in the neighborhood. But I was pretty exhausted by this time, and at one point caught myself thinking ‘I wander if I should cut my hair, or let it grow longer…’ My mind was giving up on me.


But I made it through the day, without stabbing anyone, and that felt like an accomplishment.


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