Some almost serious business talk

I am leaving for vacation today. And I’m super excited, also super exhausted, and sort of looking forward to that 6 hours of uninterrupted sitting. It’s been a month.

I’ll be providing trip updates through Instagram, and Twitter. At least that’s the plan right now. Maybe I’ll be enjoying myself so much I won’t share shit, who knows.


But before I go, I wanted to tell you about this event I got to attend on Wednesday night. I got to listen to a lecture given by the entrepreneur Edward Shenderovich on his latest venture Knotel. And initially, I was supposed to meet my significant other for drinks, until he got invited to this event, which consequentially meant I got invited to this event. Which wasn’t half bad since they had free drinks anyway. This was right smack in the middle of Manhattan, on the 21st Floor, in one of them super tech looking premises, where EVERYONE has a start up idea. Naturally. Like you could distinctly identify that mysterious Mark Zuckerberg twinkle in their eye. I might be lying, as some of them had Jeff Bezos twinkle in their eye.

I was intrigued, also slightly boozed up, the evening was promising.

The lecturer started off with his background, which pretty much listed a number of successful investments, achievements, and such. Because who talks about business failures whilst promoting a new venture? Nobody. That’s just ethics. As far as getting other people’s money ethics go. To be fair, he did address the ‘hardship’ points of any business, and being on the verge of bankruptcies, and facing interrelationship challenges in the work environment. To put it short, I listened. And I wasn’t there to invest, nor seek advise, nor partnership. Which to be honest felt like the winning position. Everybody else seemed tense, topics were discussed, and people’s lives and jobs depended on them. Sometimes, you just got to appreciate your 9 to 5.

Anyhow, Knotel is the shared work space for small to mid size businesses, currently based in NYC. They believe in the importance of relationships, power of technology and innovation, and end of long-term leasing. Also, to quote Mr. Shenderovich ‘greenery in the work space’. The space did score some strategically places vases,  I second validity of such statement. And if you’re a small to mid size business, you’ve got to at least like Google them or something.

Promotion over.

Also, there was a proper interviewer on premises who notated and documented everything in an orderly fashion. So I’m not their primary press release. Thanks god, amIright.

Then we had some seriously good food. And I wasn’t going to throw in food reference to what could be a rather serious business conversation, but what the hell. Miss Korea BBQ served us some raw beef. And it’s a dish similar to tartare, only better. Also, with the name I have no idea how to pronounce – Yukhoe. They serve it with raw eggs, and some pear slices, and it was chilled to perfection. I seriously don’t remember the last time I enjoyed stuffing myself with a raw animal this much. Delicioso (somehow spanish reference seemed appropriate here).

And off I go. I am hoping to come back fully rested, with new ideas, or old ideas with new applications, or new old applications for the new ideas. You get the point. Don’t miss me much, I hope you do some serious talking. And eat good food.


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