So, I have a sister


So, I have a sister. And she’s not a brother because she’s a she. I’m not sure how she feels about this, maybe she would rather be a brother, the question never came up. I’ll clarify and keep you posted. This sort of leads you to thinking that she maybe had a sex change operation or something. Let me be clear – she did not; she was born that way, hey! (I sang that in my head because that’s a Lady Gaga song).


Anyway, none of that was relevant. Having a sister is kind of cool, but then I never had a brother so maybe having a brother is even cooler. Just contemplating life’s possibilities. My sister is 6 years older and due to original financial status of our family classified as poor, she was also my babysitter for the good duration of my beginning life. Because parents had to work, and having 6-year-old watch a toddler made perfect sense. She says it wasn’t as bad because I was a cute toddler and she liked me. But then I grew up and started talking, and things changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still cute but I also tend to disagree with her on pretty much everything, and so we fight. We fight as siblings do, maybe somewhat above the average norm, but in the end of the day…I was supposed to say something heartwarming here and I was totally going for it, but then I still wish I was the only child most of the time. Kidding, it would totally suck being an only child.


Anyway. Again. I did grow up looking up to my sister (mostly because she was taller). And she was my role model (there I said it), but I also was an annoying child and my sister would point out my annoying child tendencies and it would rarely, but occasionally, escalate into physical contact. When we didn’t fight, we hung out together, mostly because we lived in the same apartment and it technically doesn’t classify as hanging out, but let’s not get technical. So on the days of hostility recesses, we’d listen to music (she introduced me to my first rock bands and saved me from becoming a tootsie pop music lover), we’d read books (I read almost everything she did, and that’s how I got to be so smart, you see), and we’d occasionally discuss our parents and point out failures in their parenting techniques.


And now she’ll get to do her own poor parenting choices, which I’m sure will be minimal because those were used up on me. Yes, I’m exaggerating. But the point is my sister is preggo, as in knocked up, as in with a child. And it is exciting news, really. I didn’t know how I’d react at first, but I get overly giddy every time I think about it, and I honestly can’t place it. Something about having a brand new relative and becoming an aunt gets my blood going (because I am going to be a pretty kick ass aunt, that’s why).


So those are the news. And now you will have to know all the developments on pregnancy, am I right or am I right? I’m creating a new section and we’ll call it Hipster due date (because you know I’ll turn that child into a Hipster sooner or later).


P.S. I’ll include actual information provided by my sister, because she’s the pregnant one. Here’s some:

‘Stomach grew enough so that I can’t fasten my pants (she should go pant-less from now on, my vote) but not as obvious to those who don’t know me, which is kinda annoying (I bet we’ll be hearing more about how A LOT of things are annoying).


P.S.S. That’s us on her wedding day.

There's your 'awwww' moment of the day
There’s your ‘awwww’ moment of the day
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