September is for crazies

So this weekend was most magical because I happened to watch two great movies. That hardly happens with one movie and if that’s not magic I don’t know what is. Here they are: Frank, and What we do in the shadows. Both are comedies, more specifically dark comedies with a dark sense of humor, the type you’re not supposed to admit in the public. So watch them alone, and don’t discuss them with your colleagues at work. Fair warning. Or then if you meet somebody who watched and enjoyed these same movies, you can exchange a look of mutual understanding and the type of I-think-we’re-better-than-most-people attitude. Not that you’re better than anybody because we are all humans equally beautiful and deserving, but let’s say some are more than others. But otherwise, we’re totally equal.


Then on a Saturday we set off to visit a Japanese Stroll Garden, and well stroll in it. While on the way there, we accidentally came across a collection of old railroad carts. Which turned out to be a smallish open-air museum with an enthusiast on site, who for a $4 per person fee gave us a personalized tour. I’ll admit, I made a fair attempt to run through the whole thing free of charge because the gates were open and nobody of authority was in site at first. But my companions were somewhat hesitant and slow in reaction and we ended up paying the $4 fee. Just saying, if you’re quick ad organized the whole event can be free. In the end, it was totally worth it as we got some pretty in depth history about railroad system in New York. Not that I was looking for that knowledge in my life, but now I have it. Also, they had some vintage advertisements plastered inside the carts, and those were cool.

Now I know how sad moisture looks like
Now i know how sad moisture look like


Japanese Stroll Garden we did get to afterward. And it was nice. As per flyer given to me at the entrance, it was specifically designed with a winding path and small discoveries on the way to catch your attention, connect you with nature, and dissolve you of all your worries. Which was probably true, but I spent good part of the time reading the flyer, so I’ll never know for sure. And then I took a #zenselfie


I’m not sure about validity behind this term, meaning could somebody experiencing Zen be taking selfies at the same time? On the other hand, it could be a contemporary development in the old tradition where experiencing Zen is done THROUGH taking selfies. This thought could be quite brilliant, if you don’t think about it much.


And then on Sunday we met up with Frank Marshall that I wrote about here. And not much changed about him. He is still bold and still uses film. I did find out that he also does printing himself. Maybe he mentioned that before, and I wasn’t paying attention. But printing he does pretty well, which is quiet a skill that nobody appreciates anymore, mostly because it’s pretty much useless now. But in case you’re one of those who appreciate the forgotten art, feel free to reach out at


P.S. If you’ve been feeling especially stressed, I just read that September is the worst month when it comes to mental health. You’re welcome crazies, it’s almost over.

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