Selfie during a zombie apocalypses

You know how you can tell you had a busy week. If you get home on a Friday night and this time nothing, and I mean nothing, is alluring enough to get you out of your blanketed cocoon. When you cringe at the idea of getting dressed, and going out, and seeing other people. When you snuggle with your cat, and giggle, and try to get her to high five you because you’re both home comfortable and content. Or in other words that corporate world has done it, they have broken my spirit, and worked me into exhaustion. That actually sounds like an excellent tombstone sign ‘they have worked me into exhaustion, in my death I blame: and then the list of all my bosses past and current, and some of the colleagues, or actually most of those too.’ And then the next scene would be their faces full of shame, mumbling ‘I wish I could have valued her more, oh how I wish…’


Anyway once I got some good rest, and beauty sleep Friday night all the grave thoughts seemed to have diminished. Not completely because that revenge fantasy is too good and be forgotten easily, but reduced to about a third level of importance (yes, I have levels of importance on my revenge plans, I’m just organized like that). So on Saturday morning, I felt very productive and got a bunch of home chores accomplished. Not exactly living the life on edge, but what are you going to do.


Then Saturday night got to be extremely relaxing, to the point I wasn’t expecting it to be. We were at my boyfriend’s home in Long Island and right as we were about to have food and watch a movie, the lights went off. Meaning completely for the whole neighborhood. So we sat there illuminating our food with phones because who has actual flashlights anymore when there’s an app for that. After we realized this might continue for a while, we found some scented candles and lit those.  Good thing there’s no app for scented candles yet, otherwise we could only survive for as long as our phones did, and that’s about it.  Then we did some brief panicking about possible terrorists, zombies, and/or aliens. But twitter was quite so it was safe to assume this was some local malfunction. Then we dusted off some board games and gave them a chance to shine. That didn’t last long because it’s weird but your body just responds to darkness and falls asleep.  So we fell asleep. The lights did come back on during that night and if it was a zombie apocalypses, it was a very brief one.

Sunday was a DIY day for hanging pictures. And that took almost the whole day, choosing frames, mounting holding thingies (whatever they’re called), printing prints, dealing with malfunctions (because life would be too goddamn perfect without those), and having several mild arguments on who’s ideas are better (I win every time but that’s mostly because I decide on who wins). In conclusion, just leave your walls bare and call it a style.

So as a plan for the weekend: get exhausted, spend some time home, even do it without electricity on purpose. And then join Mormons, or don’t, it’s really up to you.

P.S. Here’s a blackout selfie. I panicked and my selfie mode activated.




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