Ricky Gervais sent me a tweet, and other stuff happened

First off, let me start by telling you that coming back from vacation and asking your colleagues ‘I look tan, right?’ is not the best possible idea. Let’s just say a room full of pale, office dwellers won’t appreciate that type of commentary. No matter how well intended it was. Or was it? Also, my face is now suffering from an extreme case of freckles. So, it’s like I’ve been punished by gods themselves. But in a really gentle and sort of who cares type of way. So who cares.


And then I made it to the weekend on those still-fresh-post-vacation fumes, and even managed to be productive. Friday was a Netflix and chill type of night, and we watched this movie – Special Correspondents. Now, pay attention because this is important. The movie was great, and funny, starring Ricky Gervais, for whom I have an almost healthy fan obsession. So next morning, as I was going through my twitter feed, one of Ricky Gervais tweets showed up where he wrote


  • I love taking deep baths, especially now that with age my balls float right to the surface

To which I wrote

  • Not balls related, but loved Special Correspondents last night


To which he responded directly to me (!) He wrote ‘cheers’, and I screen shoted that puppy. And now somebody needs to help me pick a frame for it, and help organize a shrine around it. Only free applicants, please.



So, it’s like I’m rubbing elbows with celebrities now. Or exchanging tweets. Or actually just one tweet exchange. Shut up.


Saturday was also a day when a spontaneous Tom launch happened. For the newbies here, Tom is what we called our Phantom 3 drone and I wrote about it here. And we had a bunch of home errands to do that day, which we did do. We’re not animals. But right after food shopping, my significant other looked at me and went ‘there this park around here…’ So we stopped at the park, with Tom in our trunk,  coincidentally fully charged. Also, we got one of those VR (virtual reality) goggles that are compatible with Phantom drones (only advanced, and professional versions though). The way this works is you look through the goggles and see as if you are the drone.



Which is pretty bad ass, I don’t care who you are, you need to admit this. Like right now. The reality was, however, a bit more disappointing because the translated visuals are still a bit patchy, or simply not really great yet. Any who, we ended up frolicking with it until the batteries ran out, and agreed that we should not get any additional batteries because the side effects could be devastating. We do seem to lack the motivation for editing all the video footage. Not sure what the deal is with that. Maybe we’re just possessive of our Tom or something. Send prayers.


Speaking of which, on Sunday I had to go to church for a family event. Like a real, waking up at 8 in the morning, and praying with a bunch of unfamiliar people, and listening to choir singing, church. With respect to all the people who attend church and read this blog (you’re awesome if you actually do that, meaning reading my blog part, the church part is good too), I won’t say anything more. I will add that church song tunes are somewhat catchy, and I ended up humming them in the car on my way home.

Hope your Monday treats you well.

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