Paris has my stamp of approval

So, I went to Paris this past weekend. And I’m not going to lie, it was great. My Ukrainian origins might have something to do with this, as we consider ourselves somewhat European, and being in Paris also felt like somewhat home.

First things first, traveling is stressful no matter how you put it. As I found myself hyperventilating at one point or another. Airports, security, customs, herds of people, time tables, and rotating schedules. Honestly, I think all of it works by the sheer will of God, or careful planning and execution, either way. I did successfully make it to Paris, and it was day, and I got no time to rest because Instagram wasn’t going to update itself.

We chose a great hotel location which was within walking distance to all major attractions, and if you ever go, you should too. 5 minutes from our hotel was Notre-Dame de Paris, and this sight welcomed me into the city.

Not to shabby

There is the option of climbing stairs all the way to the top, but that just sounded too difficult. So instead, we went walking alongside river Siena, taking in all the surrounding architecture. Which was lovely, and my only problem was I kept wanting for the buildings to fold on top of each other, like they did in the movie Inception, which fortunately or unfortunately they didn’t (also watch the movie for that reference to make sense (it has DiCaprio in it)).

On our way, we came across Louvre. Which was probably an intentional route planned by my significant other, and just a lovely coincidence for me. And Louvre is that Pyramid Museum you hear so much about, and it looks like a pyramid. It’s also surrounded by this gorgeous palace of some Ludwig, for all I care, and it was gorgeous. French know their palaces. Also, I might have found the original selfie man.

And as someone rightfully pointed out on Twitter, an original dick pic man (cuz he got no pants).

Then we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. All on feet. Because everything is tiny in Europe. And the first sight I got of Eiffel Tower was this.

And I was like, what’s with the attitude Eiffel Tower?

And then we just circled around it, and took pictures from different angels, and marveled at the complexity of its design. Which seriously looked complex y’all.

The next day, weather was being a dick. So we chose on an inside activity, which was the Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou, which I know sounds more like a circus. But it’s actually a huge building with five stories of art, libraries, activities, and what not. My favorite gallery was that of 3d printing displays, which were awesomely futuristic and alien looking.

Then we made our way to the Latin Quarters, which is a good place to eat, and so we ate there. Actually as I was going to Paris I heard a lot of disappointing reviews about French food experiences, and here’s mine: food is simple. But it’s quality products, prepared just right. Throw in some good, cheap wine, and I was in heaven. My standards might be low.

After some much needed rest at the hotel, we took a cab to the Montmarte neighborhood. And this one used to be home to all the famous artist such as Picasso, Dali, Monnet, Van Gogh, you get the picture. And we just sat outside the restaurant, in this square, sipping wine, and feeling very French. Paris is so romantic it’s disgusting.

Later as we were wandering the streets, we stumbled upon these live musicians in a tiniest performance hall I have ever seen. But they were magnificent. I had no idea what they were signing about, but the execution was flawless. Then this performer woman walked around giving  out their cards, and I took it full of enthusiasm, but then as she stood next to me I felt very huge, and American. Next to this tiny French woman. I should probably mention I’m 5’7 in. No hard feeling. Maybe just some.

Next day, we had a planned trip to the Père Lachaise Cemetery because Jim Morrison. And in case I have to explain this, Jim Morris was the leader of the group The Doors, which I grew up worshipping. So it was an exciting moment.

Until we got there, and his grave was vandalized with all these flowers. Jim Morrison would not have approved.

And then we just wandered around the cemetery, which had all this extravagant architecture, and burial places of princes, and duchesses, and generals, and prominent people. Also, lots of hills and cobble stones. Which meant my feet were killing me, and we were hungry.

So we made our way to the Luxemburg Gardens, and had lunch right across the street from the entrance. Which included a crepe for me, because you have to eat a crepe in one way or another in France, naturally with some wine.

Luxemburg Gardens are, like anything in Paris, grand with some other ‘Ludwig’ palace in it (I obviously don’t research much) and statues of prominent leaders. What was interesting in this one they had twenty statues specifically of French female leaders. Nice touch. Also, they had a scale right at the entrance of the park. I kid you not. A scale that measures your weight. And I actually witness a man casually measuring his weight. No wonder they’re tiny.

A convenient short walking distance from Luxemburg Gardens was The Pantheon. That to our surprise, aside from being yes also grand, served as a burial chamber for all the mostest prominent people of France. Among others, there we found Rousseau, and Voltaire.

We surely covered our dead people that day. Also, in the gift shop they were selling French berets, made in France. And I mean how could you not.

Bonus points I feel like Chee Guevara in it.

In conclusion, I just loved saying Bonjour! throughout this trip. Paris has my stamp of approval.




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2 thoughts on “Paris has my stamp of approval

  1. I’ve heard there are complaints about Jim Morrison’s grave being too much of a rowdy party place. You know you’re a rock and roll god when the other dead people are telling you to keep it down.
    Anyway I’m glad you had a wonderful time. I hoped you would and was also pretty sure you would. As the song says, “Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit, il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Elysées.”
    It’s been many years since I was there but it’s nice to know it’s still true.
    Christopher recently posted…Out With The New, In With The Old.My Profile

    1. Thanks! I was actually pretty upset at all the ugly flowers at Jim Morrison’s grave. Oh well.

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