On working from home, not going to a Fashion Week show, and dealing with blood stool

I seem be in the mood of talking to you guys lately. Not you fault, so don’t stress. But anyway, yesterday in New York we suffered a somewhat severe snowstorm. I was going to go with a completely and absolutely severe, but then I got to work from home. And, you know, storms seem pretty lame from the comfort of your home. Like I even almost felt guilty, at some point, for not going in. Key word almost.

And I had some revelations about working from home. It’s not all roses, I tell you that much. Firstly, there is this need of overcoming your instinct and just chillaxing. Cuz you’re home, in pjs, and the world can just go suck. It takes a certain amount of effort to concentrate, and be all businessy like. Secondly, there is a feeling of being lost because at work you have all your little reminders, and helpy post it’s, and ‘important’ papers set up in a familiar manner. Thirdly, there are distractions not exactly specific to a work place. Like your cat will definitely make several attempts to sit on your laptop and/or either part of your body. And if your significant other is also working from home, you will need to take turns for making phone calls and/or flushing the toilet.

Having said that, I can’t complain, also I feel like a lame millennial.

Oh and then, you guys, listen to this. I got a press invite to a New York Fashion Week show, specifically to cover Meredith O’Connor’s performance. And I was like who the shit is Meredith O’Connor, and then second thought was this is such a lame spam email. But it sounded pretty legit, it even had a person’s phone number and all. I politely declined. Cuz I ain’t no press, let’s be real. Also, who IS Meredith O’Connor. She’s some Disney performer, I YouTubed her later. She sings about difficult teenage life, and not fitting in. That’s all I will say about that.

Also, I wouldn’t be able to go anyway because today my cat decided to start shitting blood. I saw it this morning, but then still had to go to work. And then during the day I naturally diagnosed her with cancer in my head, and died a little death myself. Because that’s how exeggaration works. She seems fine though, probably nothing major. I’m taking her to the vet tomorrow.

Happy Friday, and may your night be blood stool free.

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