On winter, indoors, and monkey butts

So, it’s been back from vacation and very much back to work. And I’m happy to report that transition went smoothly with only occasional suicidal thoughts. Also, winter decided to make a sudden appearance, which was also helpful (no, it wasn’t). And it’s funny when you live in a geographic area where seasons change, year in and year out, and you still go ‘goddamn it’s cold’ during winter. I am no exception and arguably I have more right to do so than others. Because my pale, white-girl face turns into a brightly-colored monkey butt. You know what I mean

I also do thumbs up when I’m walking on the street, so that people wouldn’t think I’m dying or something.

Over this weekend, we had some snow. It was a first for me this year. And I got excited and followed suit every single of my other friends, and Instagrammed that shit the minute it happened (correction: not every other, the selected bunch that report obvious weather changes on social media. These are my people). And then when I was outside, I didn’t want to be outside anymore. So, the whole weekend was spent indoors. And here are the things you may want or not want to do, but now you’ll know.

Watch a movie. A sort of obvious go to resort for when I’m-bored-TV-do-something. But we watched American Ultra and it turned out to be really funny. I probably can’t say good because I’m not a cinema critic, but I know how to criticize, so I’m like half of a cinema critic. But in all seriousness, get a friend to download it for you for free, because God forbid you get caught for pirating, and watch it.

Read a book. This can’t be for everybody, so if you’re part of a can’t-be-for everybody group just close your eyes and quickly scroll through this part. I’m currently reading Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible. So… the name is sort of alluring or disturbing, depending on what rocks your boat. As one reviewer put it ‘it’s a hilarious, but serious spiritual journey across America.’ I am not done with it, so can’t tell you much either way. It has almost five stars on Amazon, and that has to count for something.

I am not all about spiritual journeys. And I found this awesome app game that takes away good chunks of your life, and serves as a welcome distraction. Plants vs Zombies. It’s a strategy game where plants are fighting against zombies, and if plants loose – zombies eat your brain. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it draws you in with a vengeance. Plus, it’s strategy so supposedly your brain is learning something. That is, if it won’t get eaten by zombies.

And finally, if you’re looking for some DIY and happen to have a bunch of stuff to hang on the walls (whatever it is, I’m not judging). We ordered some STAS hanging systems, and it was fairly easy to install. You don’t need to make permanent holes in your walls, and it’s perfect for when you break up with someone and quickly need to put away all those happily-shared-together-moments. Or if your cat dies and you can’t stand to look at her pictures anymore. Or if you’re just a photographer and want to keep changing your displays. Possibilities are endless.

And I leave you with that, stay warm and protect your face because nothing can’t protect mine.


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