On taming cats and twitter

Some highlights from the past few days.


I got to play a game of chess on Saturday. And it’s been a while since I did that. And yes, I can play chess; I even once represented my school in a chess competition. Go ahead, be impressed. Till this day, I carry that piece of information as if I’m a goddamn Olympics champion. So anyway I played a game of chess and I lost. To an 11-year-old. Now, if that’s not the way to ruin your self-confidence, I don’t know what is. And I am prepared to accept hand written letters of condolences in my mail. I need them, people.


I also watched a really good movie on Saturday night. And it was one of those rare, spontaneous finds that turn out to be perfect. So just yield to my sensible advice here. Because what I lack in chess knowledge, I make up in movie taste. Just trust me. Please? So the movie is called The Lobster. And it was good because when we finished watching it, I just kept shaking my head, and repeating:  good movie, that was good a good movie, a good movie that was. So guess what? It was good.


And then Sunday, I cooked. It wasn’t anything elaborate, I made stir fry. But it’s been a while since I cooked. Ever since Chinese takeout was invented, which sort of equates to ever since before Jesus was born. Speaking of which, this past Sunday it was also the Catholic Easter. And I had a Jewish friend ask me ‘so what exactly happened on Easter.’ And so I had to physically force myself to take a deep breath, and then I said ‘Well…Jesus was resurrected on this days…after 3 days of being dead…after…you know…you guys killed him.’  And then we laughed and laughed. He sooo walked right into that one.


And then, I discovered Twitter. Meaning, I’ve had twitter for a while now. This was actually my third attempt trying to conquer this app from hell, and it never made much sense to me. It was an endless stream of people’s random phrases and I wasn’t sure whether I should just read, comment, write my own stuff, and if so, who the hell cares when I write stuff. The answer is nobody. Nobody cares, unless you have followers. And the ways to get followers is to a) be famous, and b) that’s pretty much it, you need to be famous. Or…here’s what happened to me. So, I have this mostly healthy obsession with the author Jenny Lawson, who is also a blogger at theblogess.com, and who also twits regularly. She has thousands of followers. And then on Sunday, she did something brilliant: on her blog, she wrote, hey guys, chances are, if you like me, you’ll like each other. And then under #BloggessTribe, the madness began. In a matter of 2 days, I went from 3 followers to over 100. And most of these people genuinely turned out to be cool, and funny. And I dig Twitter now. Somehow, it feels like an accomplishment.  It’s crashing my phone system. So, I need a new phone now.

Not too late to join us funny people on twitter under #BloggessTribe. Or you can find and follow me @thebooklynite, and we can together pretend to work, while twitting, and not working, while at work.

P.S. You might remember the cat that wouldn’t take selfies with me from here. I tamed that beast.


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