On snow angels and annoying cats

So, we had our snow storm on Saturday and it was great. Meaning it was on a weekend, and we were released of having to secretly/not so secretly wish for the work day to get suspended (most people at least). All you had to do was cancel whatever plans you might have had for Saturday, and be antisocial without fearing Facebook ‘s judgment upon you. Sleep in late,and not fix your hair, and wear something oversized and ridiculous looking. I didn’t make these rules. It’s universal.

And I didn’t set one foot outside of the house and it was awesome. Just sort of wandered around  scoring the i-dont-care-wave-your-hands-the-air look. I might have waved my hands in the air at one point, just to prove the point. I made an ocasional trip to the window just to be like ‘yep, still there, back to bed’. Then I took this picture and posted it on instagram

I prefer my snow storm from the comfort of the house

Because your opinion is not valid until it’s on social media. Speaking of which, a good number of brave souls did actually get out and posted pictures of themselves in various freezing degrees. Which was fine. It really got bad the next day, when the weather subsided, and everybody got out of their houses. And I totally get the whole snow excitement thing, but the amount of snow angels in my Facebook feed was pretty damn ridiculous. And if I was dying to make and share my own snow angel, there no longer was any place for me in this sea of goddamn snow angels. It’s almost as if somebody declared a snow angel contest and the prize was nothing. So, I rebelled

Chasing geese pretending they’re snow angels from my FB feed


If you’re of Russian or related descent, this weekend you also had to go to banya, which in translation means sauna for slightly insane people. Because it is like sauna but a lot, and I mean a lot, hotter. And the more you feel like you’re being boiled alive, the better. Or so they say. I vowed to disprove this line of thinking mostly lacking logic and reason. But like anything that lacks logic it’s hard to disprove. So I just occasionally go there because you do end up feeling refreshed and extremely clean afterward. It’s magic, people.

Then, on Monday I got to work from home due to understandable commute hardships. And this luxury is not a typical occurrence at our company, but many angels (not snow angels, the regular ones) got together and made it possible, or something along those lines. And I had no idea how productive you can be when you just roll out of bed and start working, not surrounded by a horde of people yelling in their phones. It’s quite. It’s quite to the point where you can think clearly, and produce coherent actions. And you have no need to know how everybody’s weekend was, and how they got to work, and how big the power ball is right now…and I can just keep going. Do, however, know that having cats in these circumstances is highly not recommended.  Because your cat will nest on your laptop, then on you, then your laptop again, take brief naps in between, then it’s all over again.

The brief nap in between
The brief nap in between

So, stay home on a blizzard, go to banya (or not), and get rid of your cat if working from home.

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