On moving, tax evasion, and some good reads

It has not been fun lately. Like it has been occasionally fun, but an overall feeling has been problems, on top of problems, on top of bills.

I’m in the middle of moving, and half of my stuff is at one place and half of it is at the other, and I can’t keep track which is where so my wardrobe decisions have been questionable at best. Like people at work must be wondering whether all of a sudden I went due to an unfortunate gambling accident. Speaking of people at work, do you ever think about how much time you spend with them? I do, I think about it. It’s 8 hours multiplied by 5 days, multiplied by 52 workweeks, which comes out to 2,080 hours a year. Not including overtimes. And some of these people you happen to work with for years, and at some point I feel like we should maybe get the same last name, and rip off the benefits from tax evasion.

And I wish I would have thought of this tax evasion scheme sooner because it might have totally worked with my previous co-workers. Reunion with whom we happened to have this past Friday, and it was bonkers. Something like 10 people showed up. And some of us haven’t seen each other for years, but we picked up right where we left off. Reminiscing about a deep, mutually-shared hatred of our boss lady that forged many a friendship, and lasted us a lifetime. Rumors old and new surfaced, gossip about clients spread like wildfire across our fine dinner table, and the evening was sufficiently replenished with stories about life/weight/hair color/martial status/and number of children changes. The night was also plentifully supplied with alcohol and smoke breaks, meanwhile next morning’s group chat concentrated on benefits of yoga, and running. Go figure.

I haven’t been blogging much lately mostly because of aforementioned circumstances. Also, because we have like five people at work leaving in a mutual wave of madness, or luck. Either way, I have mostly spent much time stressing out about every little thing, and I can assure you turns out I’m very good at it.

Not to leave you hanging, recently I was recommended a great writer Sergei Dovlatov, and I’m about to start his second book. Hid dry, Russian humor feels very relatable to me, in a very horrible yet beautiful way. You know, the good stuff. In case those damn Russians rub you the wrong way, here’s another book I finished recently Superfandom. And I actually purchased this one on a connecting flight at the Brussel’s airport, but I’m pretty sure you can buy it online. Also, I just had to add the bit about Brussels airport because seriously am I cool like that or what. Anyway, the book breaks down our obsessions with all things shiny, and fancy. Or should I say my obsessions?

That is all from me for now. Stay obsessed, but like in an orderly manner.


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2 thoughts on “On moving, tax evasion, and some good reads

  1. Oh those Russians. I read their writers and can never stay mad at them. At least I can never stay mad at their writers. Now that I think about it though some of the most famous, like Nabokov or my personal favorite Joseph Brodsky are expats.
    You must be feeling like a bit of an expat yourself with half your stuff in one place and half in another, although it could be worse. You could have left your heart in San Francisco.
    Christopher recently posted…Where’d You Come From?My Profile

    1. Nonsense, I could not have left my heart in San Francisco, I’ve never been there.

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