On getting butt naked

So, I was reading a fellow blogger’s post called I can’t quite get my arms around it – what fat feels like. And she wrote about her weight struggles, self-loathing,  and body shaming that any living, and breathing female need and should relate to (replace need and should with why and goddammit). It was a great read, and I commented with a suggestion of what helped me come in terms with my body, and she absolutely loved it. And this is something sort of, kind of private that I had no intention of sharing. But the idea of somebody else out there potentially benefiting from this too keeps nagging on me like there is no tomorrow. So to quote Jenny Lawson ‘I’m like mother Theresa, only better.’ Here it goes.


Some backstory.


I was never truly skinny. Even as a teenager, I was regular. Just a body doing its thing, not a skinny thing, although I would appreciate that body (I’m talking to my body here), but also not an overweight one. Never paid much attention, probably because I always had boys around, probably because boobs. So then as I settled into adulthood, and a long term relationship, I also settled into a fat suite. Slowly but surely I have gained A LOT. I turned into a giant blob who came to hate summers (because of less required clothing (this is obvious, I’m not sure why I have to explain myself here (gees))).


Anyway, one day I had that Rocky Balboa moment – ran up the stairs, lost my breath, and almost died on the spot, and finally decided something needs to be done. I went on a diet, and semi-regular gym attendance, and surprise – it worked. I lost more than 20 lbs. But this is not the point of the story. Plenty of healthy-sporty-organic-vegan-yoga people out there, go and find them. I’m sure they’re awesome.


Just as I began feeling human again, I got distracted. I got distracted and put some of that weight back on. Not all of it, but enough to make me yell ‘I have nothing to wear!’ at my closet again. As a side note, your closet has nothing to do with your weight gain, and won’t even answer. So, don’t yell at your closet. And I’m happy to report I’m back on a diet again.


However. The moral of the story is this: what helped me appreciate, if not love, my body more was a professional nude photo shoot. This just got weird. But I’m serious too.


Long story short, it happened. Keep in mind that I am also one of those people that change in a corner behind a locker door at the gym, while blushing and sweating profusely. So even going through this process felt like a torture. I’ll tell you this – once we got started and I saw some of the pictures, I was surprised. Sure, some of them were me sitting with my rolls of fat that no living person should see, BUT some of them turned out to be beautiful. Arguably, you do need a professional and not a creeper to be taking these photos. But once the initial shock settled, it went smooth sailing from there on out. I got to see my body at its worst and best from all angles. It was enlightening and somehow therapeutic.


So there. Invest into self-love and get them titties photographed. You can also probably sell them later, if ever in financial trouble. It’s a win-win situation, people.

And of course this wouldn’t be complete without some photos. Feast your eyes.



But also don’t forget to have fun


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4 thoughts on “On getting butt naked

  1. I DO love this idea. My husband may have liked it even more than I did! Writing and reading responses to my post have made me glad I put it all out there on the web. Now it is time to put it out there in front of the lense. Thanks again for the suggestion AND for this post.

    1. Putting it out there was definately worth it, it inspired me to do the same. We want a follow up post on how it goes for you. Maybe written by your husband? 🙂 thank you!

  2. Not an approach I would’ve thought of, but hell, whatever works!

    1. I know, right. Diet, exercise are so last season.

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