On doing yoga, exploring human fear, and saving a baby bird

It’s official, you guys. This week I have passed my 21 days morning yoga mark. Meaning I’ve been doing this morning routine long enough for it to possibly become a habit. Because that’s just some psychology trick that I might have read about on Facebook. And all sarcasm aside, I can tell you that I do feel less sarcastic. Which kinda sucks because it’s always been my thing. And now I need to find a new thing, probably raising chickens, and making my own compost? Happy people seem to always go down that route.

But until that happens, I’ll share with you this YouTube channel Yoga by Candice that has stuck with me thus far. I’ve tried several others and they all seem to go into different extremes. They’re either too fucking spiritual, because I’m really just trying to wear my jeans without suffocation, and not become one with nirvana (granted, I could always go with a bigger sized jeans). Or too physical, usually shown by a blonde with a ripped body, and her perfect little everything, and poses that shouldn’t even be human. So anyway, Candice is right there in the middle. And now I feel all this extra energy, and so maybe I’ll start cleaning regularly or something.

Another cool thing I happened to see on the Internets is this video called Ten Meter Tower. And it’s a type of art installation, human psychology experiment, if you will, that’s actually interesting to watch. It’s by this little known filmmaker who doesn’t even have a wiki page, so can’t tell you much about him. Except that his name is a pain in the ass to spell Maximilian Van Aertryckam (amIright??). But I’ve decided to be open minded, and I blame it on yoga. To avoid you much spoilers, if you do decide to watch it, it’s about the experience of human fear, and how love and friendship help us deal with it better. It’s pretty fucking sweet. I’ve gone soft, you guys.

And we are going to finish this off with a gay guy. Because you know I love me a good gay guy. But you have to have to watch this TED talk ‘How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are’. Link here because technology is being a dick. But this talk is about forging meaning, and building identity. And we could all use some of those.

And I’m not even going to talk about Trump, and maybe go save a baby bird or something.

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3 thoughts on “On doing yoga, exploring human fear, and saving a baby bird

  1. I’m going to be starting yoga classes tomorrow. Eeeeesh! It’s been, like, forever years and forever pounds ago since I last went. I’m hoping to make it a habit. Like I told my husband, “I want to be the type of person who does yoga for fun!” And he was like, “So, maybe you might want to start doing some yoga to see if you like it…?” Man ain’t wrong!

  2. You’re tempting me to get back into yoga. And to become more sarcastic. Anyway I was excited about yoga at first because I went to free classes with a cool teacher who praised me and the best way to motivate me is praise. She also kept things at a moderate level.
    Then she left and a new teacher who was studying for an advanced level yoga teaching degree came in and decided to use the class as prep, meaning she put us into some hard stuff.
    Now technically Salamba Sarvangasana (copied and pasted ’cause I can’t spell that mess) is a beginner’s pose but then she wanted us to curl our legs over our heads. And I have this thing about putting my ass over my head. I almost flunked gym because I couldn’t do a forward roll.
    I also think the Salamba Sarvangasana is only for guys who want to fellate themselves.
    I should feel guilty for bringing fellatio into it but I’m trying to pick up the sarcastic slack here.
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