On changing colors

So, the events in Paris happened and they were tragic and horrific. And I didn’t want to write about them mostly because I don’t do tragic, and also because enough has been said. I myself spent a good amount of Friday night glued to the news coverage and going through Facebook prayers that we all know have magical powers of healing (they don’t, it’s called sarcasm).

Then, of course, Facebook came up with an icon coloring app to support France and it went viral. And people started arguing. People started arguing whether coloring your icon is a way to support, whether it’s good enough, and why haven’t such and such event received a coloring icon app. Well, firstly probably because you’re not Paris. So address it as a popularity contest, if you will, which you failed. Second suggestion would be your event was not tragic enough. Which is not cool, I agree, because it’s all fun and jokes until somebody gets murdered. In a violent way. And third would be who gives a damn about coloring apps and why are we arguing about them.

I colored my icon. I did it because I felt bad and sad about the event. And it was the least I could do to show my feelings. But then again I’ve changed my icon in the past for the events in Ukraine, and for supporting gay marriage, so maybe I just have some sort of Facebook icon changing syndrome. The point is not to argue with people who do it and to come up with ideas on why massacres in Africa, or plane crash over Egypt is more worthy of an icon change (which sounds pretty fucking ridiculous, if you put it like that, doesn’t it?), but to find the cause you believe in and show your support. And others will find you and tag alone. This is not a pissing contest of which dead people deserve more attention. They’re dead and it’s safe to assume they don’t care much about Facebook icons. I most certainly hope to escape social media in my afterlife. Unless, they have some type of Skullbook and then I’m totally in (meaning for when you’re dead you wouldn’t have a face but a skull (I felt I had to explain this)).

On the bright side, I have a friend who said ‘oh good, now half of the Facebook will be gays and the other will be French.’ Meaning, people tend to forget to change their icons back to normal long after the event in question has passed and seem to stay forever loyal to the cause. Which made me laugh. And it’s ok to laugh because we’re alive.
So go on and change your icon color to whatever you like, don’t forget to check the news once in a while and update it, but more importantly care about one another, and laugh.

P.S. I cooked a meal this weekend. Like for reals, from scratch. And it was quesadillas and guacamole, and it was good, and I was going to write about how proud I am of myself but these goddamn terrorists. Anyway, here’s a picture.


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