On Broadway, Booze, and T-shirts that talk, kind of

A bunch of exciting things have been happening lately, regardless of this shitty weather. I hate February with a vengeance. And supposedly this winter weather is sticking around for another 5 weeks because  Groundhog saw his shadow. And nobody can argue against that logic. In fact, I think I might get a hamster and let it’s shadow make decisions for me. You’ve got nothing on me, IRS.

I made another drawing. And it came out pretty bad ass. It took me a good 6 to 7 hours, but I’m a proud mama.

ink drawing

It’s based on a photo taken by @twisted_mind of an actual place we’ve been to in Hong Kong. And if that’s not fucking romantic, I don’t know what is. It also made my dad question his paternity, since he was like ‘I don’t know where this is coming from, it’s definitely not my genes.’ Somebody has some explaining to do, MOM. I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into me, but it keeps me occupied. Let’s call it a plus.

Then this Saturday we went to see Chicago the musical on Broadway. And this has been such a dream for a long time. Mostly, because when you live in New York you don’t just dash out 100 plus bucks on frolicking people in bedazzled costumes. There’s always later. And this later finally happened, mostly because I got discount tickets from work. Look at that, work, you’re good for something. And you know how it was? It was OK. I mean it was nice, and all, but I wasn’t overly impressed. Probably because I had to pee badly the whole first act, and then stand in a huge ass bathroom line in the intermission, and then pay $30 for a cup of wine, and then want to pee again. I’m too old for that shit.

We did end up at an awesome bar that night, half a block from my apartment. Brooklyn Surf Bar – had an actual sand covered floor, fitting decor, and hula lula theme. But the sand covered floor was what really got to me, in a cool way. It’s like you were immediately at the beach. So I ordered margarita, and really did feel like I was at the beach – buzzed, and ready to take my clothes off. I am kidding, but it was such a welcome diversion on a cold February night, highly recommend.

And then on Sunday, something interesting happened. My significant other had his t-shirt neatly thrown on the floor, inside out, next to a pile of his jeans, and one sock. You know, the usual. And when we looked closer his t-shirt had an actual printed article on the inside. About photography of all things. I mean, we bought this shirt together, and chose it purely based on the outside of the shirt. You know, like normal people. And here was this added bonus. So, we looked up the company T-Post Mag, and it turns out that’s what they do  with all their shirts. They call themselves, the first wearable magazine. And this is such an awesome idea, it physically hurts me to know I didn’t come up with it.

talking t-shirt

And that sums it up. Stay hopeful, and keep your feet dry.

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