On art shows, doodles, and how to make a fortune

Yesterday I got to attend Outsider Art Fair, and it was great. Today is the last day, so maybe like bookmark it for the next year or something. I found out about it through the Facebook events feature, which I like immensely. It gives you suggestions based on your interests and about 90% of the time they’re spot on. Which is also really disturbing, but mostly very convenient.

It was located in the Lower West side of Manhattan, but I’m not sure if they keep the same location every year. What I am sure about is we were too damn lucky, and found parking in the area. Parking gods were good to us that day, which was definitely a sign. Of some sorts. Or maybe not, signs can be tricky like that.

The place was fairly crowded, but nothing too crazy. People looked bohemian, and artsy fartsy for the most part – everything you would expect from an event like this. And the art itself was an all around well collection of contemporary pieces. Right off the bet your eye just wandered from one display to the next, and never once flinched in distress. That is because I tend to like everything weird, and twisted so it could be just me. But seriously how could you not adore these statues?

I would put them all around my hallway just so that would be the first thing that greets people into my house . That is if I had a hallway. Because in my current living situation you walk right into the kitchen, which is not really a kitchen it’s just a stove with a sink. Meaning they’re right next to each other. Although a stove with a sink in one would be a serious space saver. Someone should look into that.

Some of the stuff was seriously creepy, but nonetheless beautifully executed. Like I saw these series of portraits that would make me shit myself, if I got up to pee at night. And still some of them were marked as sold. Speaking of which, let me tell you the prices on these things were through the roof. And so I imagine all the struggling artists who got into this fair are not so struggling anymore. Which is a good thing. If someone drawing doodles can make a fortune, it’s only fair to the rest of us working bastards. I tell you, makes you want to regret quitting that painting school as a kid.

Or actually not, because this was the point of this particular Art Fair, all the artists were self taught. Outsiders. Underdogs. Which almost immediately relates positively to just about anybody. All we want is love and acceptance, and a convinient amount of money to pay the bills, amIright?

Anyway, this one piece had the chills running down my spine.

But like in a good way. Look at the level of detail in that thing. I kept walking away from it, then coming back, then feeling pissed at other people looking at it. It’s like it was mine, supposed to be mine. I got hocked on art, who could have thunk a few years back. There is no way in hell I could ever afford it, but I took the picture, and I’m going to try to re-create it. Which could be a total failure, but what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like anyone will find out, except for people reading this blog, which is like a total of 3 of you, so stay tuned.

And maybe go visit some art show.


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3 thoughts on “On art shows, doodles, and how to make a fortune

  1. Those statues totally look inspired by the drawings of Edward Gorey, so I love them. My front door is in my kitchen, too, which seems to be the thing in apartment design now. I’m not sure about the stove-and-sink combo, but if someone could figure out how to combine the stove with the dishwasher, I would personally make them a millionaire, assuming I had a million spare dollars floating around. Which I don’t, so maybe I need to look into this outsider artist thing.

    1. Maybe if we combine our apartments, we could then start hording creepy statues. I’ve never had a dishwasher in my life, you’re spoiled. And yes, this whole artist thing seems incredibly lucrative.

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