October is for tiny, electric heaters

So, this weekend we survived another hurricane (hurricane Joaquin, if you missed it). Well done, everybody. Everything went according to plan: hiked up media frenzy well in advance, dire warnings and scenarios of death and destruction, some rain and wind, and congratulatory celebrations on making it through yet again.

I decided to celebrate by going shopping on a Saturday. And that went well. Unless, you’re like me and start second guessing yourself and weighing your excitement for new things versus the money you just spent that you could potentially grant you a rent-free and mortgage infused life. And that thought gets complicated, unlike new clothes that are simple and ready to wear. I also discovered a new store, Cotton On, which is actually Australian and available only throughout selected malls in New York, but it’s totally hipster worthy, so keep it on your radar (the prices are admirable, that’s in case you make your own money and these things are important to you). I also, made one ridiculous purchase (because that’s sort of the rule of shopping) and got me one of these hats:

Because I look fabulous. Or think I do.
Because I look fabulous. Or think so

I also found a great way to waste time while you’re on this planet, which is a new app game by a company called Hipster Whale. The name of the company is alluring and contradicting at the same time. On the one hand you have hipster, which is like ‘yes, I’m in’, on another hand you have whale, which has an underlying association with extra heavy people. Let’s not dwell on the subject too much. The game is Crossy Roads and it’s ridiculous and super addictive, just the way any ridiculous and addictive game should be. So if you’re done asking your Facebook friends for more lives on Candy Crash (which is so last season), do partake.

Then on a Sunday, I did something very un-hipster like and went to see my parents. And I’ll admit, it always starts feeling like a chore as you brace yourself for hearing about all the things that you’re doing wrong with your life, and how somebody’s such and such works for UN, ran a marathon, and had three kids, and you, while still their proud and cherished child, did not. But then some days you just have too much wine, and talk nonsense, and laugh, and remember why you’re related. Sunday was one of those days.

An then while I was driving on my way back, I stopped at a red signal, and some man holding his little daughter’s hand was crossing…and the little girl looked at me, waived, and smiled like we were BFFs and no evil existed in the world. And for that moment I believed her.

P.S. Well, I can’t go all soft on you –you know when it’s October in New York? When you have your tiny, electric heater pointed at your feet to stop you from freezing because the building’s heating system is not on yet. That’s when.

true story
true story
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  1. Dmitriy K

    Crossy road is fun 🙂

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