Not your typical Sunday afternoon

I went to the cemetery today. No, nobody died. Or actually a lot of people previously died. Because that’s how cemeteries get created.  But none of them were of relation to me. The weather was shamefully gorgeous today and what better way to spend it than strolling through a cemetery. Bare with me, this somehow will make sense. Also, this doesn’t mean you go to your closest resting place and wonder about, although if that rocks your boat probably go for it. I went to a historic pace in Brooklyn – Greenwood Cemetery. It’s gigantic with plenty of green wood as the name suggests, old elaborate tombstones, and a handful of famous people resting in piece. If you get over the fact that you’re surrounded by a bunch of dead people, the place is really serene. And guess what?! Quite. It’s like an outside library. Or its like your typical conventional park but with no people in it. All to yourself.  Although, BBQing would probably be frowned upon. And it should be rightfully admitted snack time doesn’t exactly crosses your mind while there.

Greenwood Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery

Another fun fact.  I got to visit the grave of Jean Michelle Basquiat. Those of you who make the effort of reading my blog, know that my first blog was sorta about Basquiat (here’s a convenient link for ya Basquiat: The Unknown notebooks’ – The unseen exhibition). What did I see there? Exactly what I expected. His tombstone and an empty bottle of Jack Danielle’s. Made me kind of sad that I came empty handed, if you know what I mean.

2015-06-07_20.05.09Yes, I made the picture effect creepy/ghostly on purpose.

How did we end our day? Among the living, if you must know. Don’t try to find much logic in our path. We went to Bushwick to check out some street art they apparently host (Bushwick Collective), along with its very own collection of hipsters. Watch out Williamsburg. If you were to compare this neighborhood to Williamsburg, it’s practically the same but dingier. You can describe the local habitats as underdog hipsters. Or the type that get tattooed and wasted but don’t care much about recycling and saving the planet. Some of the graffiti are pretty solid. And you know you can rely on my opinion since I have zero connection to graffiti. Here’s some of the stuff, you-must-know-it-all:

street art bushwickAnd

street art bushwick 2

So, there’s your itinerary for a perfect Sunday. Cheers until next time.

P.S. This post has turned out to be more visual than wordy. I think, you’ll appreciate the fact.

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