New York – it’s a state of mind

So we had ourselves a three-day weekend, and it was nice. And you just have to appreciate your day job, what else would fulfill that satisfaction of getting away from it. Lots of free time, kittens, and fatty food that doesn’t make you fat – that would probably do the job, but hey.

Saturday was somewhat of a cold day, so I got to stay home, sleep in late, and just kind of be lazy. See winter is tricky like that, you hate it with a vengeance, but it’s a super convenient excuse to just chill out for a sec. And do your laundry. And maybe sort through those drawers finally. And maybe make an actual home-cooked meal. And maybe go through you mail, and pay those bills. You know, relaxation.

I did decide to put all those things aside at one point, and make another drawing. It’s not my proudest moment in life, but it came out ok. I’ll obviously share it here because we’re family. In the most strange way possible.

Then we had a lot of ambitious plans for Sunday, which all really came down to shopping. And I am not a fan of shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love new things. It’s just I would rather prefer for them to magically appear in my closet. My mom occasionally tries to fulfill this magic role with all the best intentions. But it mostly results in a whole section in my closet called ‘stuff mom got me that I most likely, probably, will never ever wear.’ So anyway, we went to the Century 21 department store (and don’t you ever buy anything remotely brand without a bargain) and I found my soulmates.

It took me years to find my home in Williamsburg, and accept the fact that I hate dressing in color. It’s just too complicated. Think about it people, if everything is black, white, and grey it all goes together! You’re welcome. Also, I bought my arguably first designer piece – it’s the robe-looking thing on the right. And it does look like a robe a lot, so screw it people I’m walking around in a robe. It’s the little things in life (that also kind of cost you money (but like with a good discount deal, so that makes it better)).

Then on Monday, we naturally had to take our outfits for a spin. We went to the High Line, and it was a nice walk. For those who don’t know, highline used to be an actual running subway line with lots of interesting history, so just google that. And now it’s a public space, and you just get to leisurely stroll around past the hoards of tourists. Doesn’t get more New York than that.

And then we went to the Whitney Museum. And I have to say, at this point this is one of my favorite in New York. It’s modern, contemporary art, but presented in a very classy, traditional way. I’m not an expert, but that’s how I would describe it. I even learned something! I learned about Beatniks, which was really a movement of hipsters in 1950s. The grandpa hipsters. There’s a ton of material about them on YouTube, so do yourself a favor and learn something new too.

View from the 8th Floor. If anything, go for just the view.

So do yourself a favor, turn off that news channel and indulge in whatever rocks your socks. And if socks is not your thing, it’s just a metaphor. Jeez, no need to be so literal.

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