New Year with a Scorpio and some Monsters

Yay 2017 is here! And you know what it feels like? It feels like 2016. Or like nothing changed. And realistically I did expect this to be the case, but there was some tiny hope of change, of a miracle. It didn’t happen. Things are the same, people are the same, and Trump is still to be the president. And his head did not explode at midnight. Do what you will with that. Having said that, hope your New Year’s was great and you got to spend it in the best way possible. Because I know I did. I at least have that.

We spent this New Year’s in the city. And this was one of the few years I didn’t go away anywhere. It felt strangely refreshing. We scrambled to buy some last minute tickets, which we did get. Nothing short of a miracle. So maybe this was my holiday miracle. And we went to the Gemini and Scorpio loft party, and these people organize the most bizarre, and fun parties ever. So check out their events calendar, and find your inner party animal. I’ve never been to any of their events before, but rumors were promising, and they delivered.

We went with a bunch of friends. And among them were my DJ Friends from Exit32Recordings, and if you haven’t done so already, do check out their music. Because that one time they gave me an awesome hat, and now my soul like belongs to them. They’re also great people, so the night was promising. Oh. Oh. Actually, Alex Fogo was supposed to be working that night, but his event got cancelled, and he got to go with us. And this was his first night actually celebrating New Year in like 15 years. So, I guess miracles kept piling up. Also, as he himself admitted, he was utterly confused on how to behave, and what this whole ‘New Year’s celebration’ was meant to be like. Poor soul. But we were about to show him.

We first met at my place for some dinner and champagne first. And it was great because the clean up process was super fast. Because at one point my IKEA kitchen table did a total flip on us, and everyone ended up on the floor, with a piece of paper towel, in their holiday gear. But as I said clean up process was super fast. Also, I’m not sure whether to hate you, or thank you, IKEA.

Then we got to the Gemini and Scorpio loft and it was everything we expected, and then some. It was packed with people in bizarre costumes. But pleasantly packed. We could still move around easily. It had live DJ, then later live performers, and of course dancing monsters. Because what’s better than a dancing monster? Two dancing monsters, that’s what.

And they had those.

I got to meet and chat with one of the organizers. And she is the Scorpio of the bunch. And she was super pleasant regardless of her Scorpio status. I know, crazy. Also, shout out to all the Scorpios. I love you dearly. Or at least I have a few specific people that I actually do. And regardless of being seemingly busy, she again took time to stop and chat with us. I’m not sure where the hell was Gemini at this point. Maybe she’s the slacker in the group.

But the party was great. We danced our butts off, and just all around had good time. At one point, we listened to these great live jazz performers. And they were the good kind of jazz, fun one. And I honestly came up to them to ask for their name that way I could share it with you here. And they were super chill, told me their name and all. But I forgot because I was pretty buzzed by that time. And that’s exactly what I told them that I won’t remember their name because I’m already drunk. To which we laughed and laughed. But they didn’t have any flyers on them, and this mystery goes unsolved. So I guess go to Gemini and Scorpio parties, and you’ll come across some great performers.

And I leave you with that. Come join next time.

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2 thoughts on “New Year with a Scorpio and some Monsters

  1. Next time I do want to join you. Or maybe just be in your vicinity. New Year’s Eve in New York is something I think should be experienced at least once. As for me I was in a house waaayyyy out in the middle of nowhere. On the bright side I was with a fun bunch of people.
    On the not-so-bright side I played Monopoly with three of those people and I didn’t just win. I destroyed them. And that’s when I realized something about Monopoly: to win you have to be an asshole which means the winner is really the biggest loser. And when you’re playing Monopoly on New Year’s Eve that makes your loserness exponentially larger.
    On the bright side people were still wishing me a belated happy birthday and it was all good because I’m a Sagittarius and you just can’t keep us down.
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