New Museum, and my pictures are rotating

Ok people. I am so overwhelmed with all the adulting (urban dictionary: to do grown up things) happening in my life right now. I have been desperately wanting to tell you about my weekend, but physically didn’t have time nor energy to do so. Anyways, here’s my best attempt.

This weekend I went to visit the New Museum. And it’s a contemporary art museum located in Manhattan. I’ve been there once, and that time it was too weird for me. Imagine me, and something being too weird for me, that’s just pretty damn weird. So in my head I was like ‘screw this place, you’re dead to me forever’. BUT. It turns out they rotate their displays completely every two months. Like completely change everything. So there is no section that’s permanent. And it’s different from most other museums because the rest have their permanent collection, and then occasional visiting section. I guess, that’s what makes the New Museum so new.

Anyway. My Wednesday Friend happened to be there with her college group recently and the picture she Instagramed was pretty damn amazing. The power of Instagram. So, I asked her about current exhibition, and she was impressed, so I figured I might be impressed. And on  Sunday we went, and it was pretty damn impressive.

Some formalities first. It’s by a well renowned visual artist Pipilotti Rist (she is, I Googled it, so you don’t have to). She was also displayed at Venice’s Biennale, a very important contemporary art exhibition held in Italy, which I got to attend once. Be jealous and read about it here. And I saved this well thought-through piece of paper for you that I’ve been carrying around in my pocket for the last three days.


OK. So since I switched to iPhone this rotation thing keeps to my pictures. I’m too tired to figure this out right now. Just tilt your head.

So we got there. And the first floor, which is actually fourth (because you’re supposed to look at it from top to bottom). And this floor was all dark, and it had randomly placed beds on which you could lay and look up at the ceiling, on which their were playing videos. Videos filmed from underwater. And some soft music. So you had this feeling of being a kid, laying in your bed while simultaneously swimming under water, and listening to music. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Next floor had lights. Really pretty lights just hanging from the ceiling. And it was like enchanted forest that’s not actually a forest. Because no trees, hello. This is where you should Instagram yourself. Which I totally did.

And as I’m preparing to load a picture here, I’m praying it’s not going to rotate.

img_1648It did not rotate! Gods are good.

And then the last floor was also some videos, and music, and these pretty sheets hanging from the ceiling with changing lights just dancing all over them. It was nice. And almost calming. I say almost because as in any public space you have people around you. And people are annoying. Especially if they yap about their ‘like weekend plans, like nonstop, like totally omg, like can you even believe it’. Seriously a conversation that happened next to me. Not a fan. Also, shut the fuck up.

But then we got out, and it was snowing! First snow of this year. It was a sign, you guys. Some sort of sign that means nothing to me, at least yet. But good thing I had my @Exit32Recordings hat.

Aaaand. It’s rotating again.

In conclusion, New Museum is good, rotating pictures not so much.

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One thought on “New Museum, and my pictures are rotating

  1. Your pictures are rotating, the exhibits are rotating, and the world we stand on is rotating. It’s like a meta-commentary on the ephemerality of all things.
    Yes, I am very envious.
    Christopher recently posted…Rule Breaker.My Profile

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