My Wednesday Friend

So, I have a friend whom I meet with almost exclusively only on Wednesdays. This tradition did not begin intentionally. It originated from impossible overlaps and complications in our busy schedules and hectic lives (rolling my eyes). We were never able to coordinate a different day to meet. So, eventually Wednesdays became our thing. In all honesty, I’m not even sure why we’re friends. It’s that type of situation where two people that couldn’t be more different meet, sort of look at each other, think ‘there is nothing in this person that resonates with me’, and then think ‘I guess, I’ll just stick around to see what happens’. And that’s how great friendships forge and exist on a Wednesday schedule. But how are you different, you ask? Well, she’s blond – I’m not (both in actual and metaphorical meanings), I’m tall – she’s not, I’m good looking, she’s…you get the idea. Kidding. We are both really good looking, maybe that’s our bond right there.

The activities we do together are also somewhat non-logical.

Last Wednesday, we have agreed to meet in the City (that’s how cool people call Manhattan) and just have a nice walk and pretend we live there. This is a nice tradition we have and I like to tap myself on the shoulder for it. And that’s what we did. We got Starbucks, and I took this picture:IMG_20150624_180009


Then we decided that Starbucks wasn’t exactly cutting it and went to a rooftop bar on the 5th Ave to be ladies and have cocktails. We managed, thank you very much.



After which, home was a really valid option but the night was still young and some unassuming pub seemed to have blocked our way to the subway. Some number of beers later, at 2 am we were giggling at our yellow cab driver who was attempting to inform us of the non-smoking status of his cab, under the normal circumstances. We assured him, circumstances were out of norm.

This Wednesday, we were having none of that nonsense. We met at the gym lounge. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not an actual lounge in the normal type of sense. They serve fresh made juice there. Over which, we caught up on the local gossip of the past week and were ready for our workout. Had a nice yoga class session and walked out into the warm summer night. Decided that we’re somewhat hungry and sort of deserve it anyway. And ended the night nibbling on unhealthy portions of fried Turkish food with healthy doses of beer. Because it’s summer, and girls just want to have fun, and insert your excuse here.


P.S. She’s getting married today and I’m not there to support, probably because today’s a Thrusday.

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